The People's Pets in Georgia at Northlake

I have been a Professional Pet Stylist and have been in the Pet Industry since 2003.  I have been asked several times for a Vet Clinic recommendation. I have been learning about the local Veterinarians for the last several years. I have found one Vet that has stood out from others.

     I have learned from a client about the skill and expertise of Dr. Kat Lavell.  One of my clients and personal friend was going to a different veterinarian for a problem with her dog's ears,  She continued to come back to me with the concern unresolved and money spent. I watched her little dog in discomfort and explained what the vet was missing in their approach.  She said she would likely pursue another vet. 
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       On her first visit with Dr. Kat Lavell, she experienced tender care and up close and personal attention.  She explained to me that Dr. Kat bent down on the ground and spoke to her dog.  I asked my friend (and client) what Dr. Kat did with her dog and she explained the tools and product she used.  The tools were correct and there was also an extra tool added that demonstrated a greater knowledge of a dog's ear.  
       Ever since then, her dog has been bounding about happily and no longer in discomfort. Her ears were pink at first from a proper plucking, cleaning, and medicine.  However, they have cleared and are in great shape.  I have seen a new energy in her pup.  It is so important to find the proper care and I am happy to see a veterinarian that has demonstrated this.  
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This facility is located in Georgia at Northlake.

Please visit their website at
May your pets be adored by all they meet!

             Esma Keys


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