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Pet Clipper Options Recommended by Professional Pet Stylist

Pet clipper options for pet grooming
I am a Professional Pet Stylist. People have asked me throughout my career what the best clipper is for their pets.  I always recommend seeking a professional to work on your pet.  However, I do have a few suggestions for clippers that I have used and also know will work well.  
The clippers I recommend will come with one standard #10 blade and it will be detachable. They also come with a small clipper oil. Coolant will be needed.

#1 Choice- I am partial to this clipper because I used it professionally for over ten years and still use it. Most will not need this kind of strength over time. The Andis 2-speed clipper will be powerful enough for home use.  This is a great option if you are not a professional but need strength and a smooth cut.  This is a step below the ultra edge. I would be happy to use this clipper.

#3 My first clipper-

The Andis AG 2-speed has a special place in my heart because it is the very first clipper that I used. It is a Professio…

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