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Information about Yorkshire Terriers

As a Professional Pet Stylist, I have groomed countless Yorkshire Terriers.  They are a fun breed with a unique temperament.  They are warm, loving, and fun. They always seem to be looking for the next best thing. Yorkies often have a deep connection with their owners and a great understanding of the world around them.  

Their coat is more like hair instead of fur and can grow very long! 
They even can have their hair in ponytails and their owners will brush them on their laps daily. 

Some owners opt to trim their coats very short so that the coat does not tangle. Some Yorkies are pretty as a picture while others may linger on the raggamuffin side of things.  Yorkies come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors depending on the breeder, breed, and bloodlines.  

Yorkies Come in Different Sizes, Shapes, and Colors Yorkies look as unique as their personalities
          Yorkshire Terriers have short little tails that wag and wag. However, some Yorkies do not get their tails d…

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