The best deals on gifts for people and pets this holiday season


The Perfect Pet Gifts for the Holiday Season

        For many of us, the holidays may be a bit different this year. We may be gathering in smaller numbers and doing most of our shopping from home. We do our best to celebrate our old family traditions and we begin to start new traditions.

We will continue to surprise and delight with thoughtful gifts.

The holidays are right around the corner! It’s time to start thinking about gift ideas for some very special people.

This holiday season, let's start a new tradition

I am talking about your pets and pet people who rock in your life. Your family, your friends, your pets, and you are all in need of a wonderful gift. You are likely to have a special someone who makes your furbaby’s world go round!

        Dont forget about your rock star veterinarian, the cat sitter you can call anytime, the dog walker who gets your pup’s tail wagging, or a grand-pup-parent or other good friend who loves your pet as much as you do. 

      Here are some all-encompassing gift ideas for your pets and the people in their lives!

Today's Deals

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Add a personalized touch to your holiday season

Who couldn’t use a pick-me-up and comfort during the holidays and in general? This coffee mug is the perfect personalized gift for those dogs and coffee lovers in your life. The high-quality ceramic mug is customizable with their pet’s photo and a unique phrase. Hot drinks will be all that more enjoyable when their pet’s cute mug is featured on their coffee mug.
Dont forget about the cats!

If you know a cat person, then you know they are happiest when they’re spending time with their cat, talking about their cat, sharing pictures of their cat… you get the idea. Buying a gift that reflects their love for their best feline friend is a surefire way to win extra brownie points this holiday season. 

To help you with your holiday shopping, we’ve happily rounded up the best Christmas gifts for cat lovers in your life. Any one of the presents we’ve carefully selected from Chewy will put a grin on your giftee’s face this season.

The cats in your life probably don’t need to remind you who’s the boss, but this 12-ounce mug from Fringe Studio will be a warm reminder.

An ideal gift for pet sitters, this ceramic mug is microwave and dishwasher safe, making it purr-fectly functional for all-day, everyday use. Plus, with its cute graphics, it reminds them that your cat rules the roost

Raise your hands if you’ve ever secretly wished your pet could text you their thoughts. Texts from Mittens is a daily calendar that imagines those exact sorts of conversations! Ridiculous!  Each page features a little bonus content ranging from jokes to quotes to trivia. 

Whos ready to toss out the 2020 calendar for a new one!???

Not hard to chuckle at this gift!

We’ll dress our furry family in beautiful sweaters and post pictures on social media. 

There will be bright lights and brilliant music and amazing things to eat. Even during hardship we’ll raise a glass to the New Year and count our blessings. 

I am especially grateful and I bet you are for our wonderful loving pets who were a very good thing this year!

 We can always count on our dogs and cats to inspire us and bring us joy in all seasons of life. 

Pets have the power to bring us together even when we wish we were closer.  Thank you for taking some time to enjoy this article.  Here are a few more selective goodies below.  Enjoy your holiday season and may God bless you and yours. 

Goody Boxes are specially curated pet gift boxes with a selection of five or more premium products that are handpicked for your dog or cat. 

There are dog boxes filled with full-size dog treats and dog toys, along with other nifty items all picked by dog lovers for the perfect dog gift box. 

There’s also a cat gift boxes full of the stuff felines love, including full-size bags of cat treats and toys including catnip toys and interactive cat toys.

Thank you for reading and taking the time to love your pet.

Pictures courtesy of chewy for affiliates. 


  1. What a great article, thank you! Our pets play such a huge part in my family. Thanks for the gift ideas. Merry Christmas!


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