Review of Fresh Step Clean Paws-Step into Freshness


Fresh Step Clean Paws Calm

        We had the opportunity to try out Fresh Steps Clean Paws with our family cats.   I am featuring a guest writer that took the time to sample the product with her three cats. This is what she has reported-

She has been using the Fresh Step Clean Paws litter for a week. 

-Opening the box may be a little difficult for arthritic hands. However, it can be done without a knife or scissors

Fresh Step Clean Paws Calm

-The litter poured into the box with virtually no dust coming off of it.  It was one of the cleanest pouring litters I have ever seen.  (That is impressive!)

-There was almost no scent when I poured it.  There was a very subtle natural scent that was pleasant.

-The new litter was accepted by the kitties that day without a problem and I have one rather picky kitty.

Picky Cat Approved

-When the kitties use the box, there has been almost no odor so the odor control is quite good.

-There has been just a tiny bit of tracking of the litter out of the box.  Very little tracking and it may be that they flipped the little bit of litter when they were digging.  So it really is very low tracking.

Lower than average tracking

Her Verdict!-⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

So, I am quite happy with this litter.  The fact that it is low scent, low tracking, and very low dust makes it an attractive litter if the cost is comparable.

You can purchase Fresh Steps Calm Litter Here 

Update-  She has continued to order the fresh steps calm litter