Is a pug a good pet?


Are pugs good pets to own?

Just like people, pugs have unique personalities.  This article is designed to give you a special glimpse at pugs.  Pugs are adorable creatures.  They have short little noses and large bright eyes.  They sometimes snort a little while they walk.  

Pugs are known to have great dispositions and enjoy company and a human companion.  I owned a little tan pug that was free-spirited and loved to play and sleep. My pug loooooved tuna fish just like a cat!
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Though pugs do have energy and a happy disposition, they do not always do well taking long walks or being in the sun.  Each dog is different but pugs can easily become too warm.   Care is needed to keep them comfortable like an air-conditioned area in the summer.  
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They drink a lot of water and need a cool spot to lay.  Their pushed-in faces make can make harder for them to pant like other dogs. A bed that is raised above the ground will help them cool off.  

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Pugs shed a lot!  Just because they have short hair does not mean reduced shedding.  If you plan to get a pug or care for one, prepare to vacuum, dust, and sweep.  They shed more than the average bear.

The short hair will get stuck in clothing and all over the furniture similar to a boxer. Trips to the groomer and daily brushing with a zoom groom will help you with this.  I wrote an article about how to reduce shedding that will help.

Pugs enjoy company
Pugs love company and affection

Pugs can be prone to becoming overweight and may have health issues.  So, use a little caution when feeding them and how many treats you give as well.  That may be harder than you expect because they have a strong appetite for food just like their appetite for life!  You will need to find things that entertain them. 

Here are some food choices that are made just for pugs!

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They need daily exercise to keep their bodies strong.  Throwing a toy out in the yard that they can grab with their mouths will help them stay strong. They may not be able to catch a Frisby like other dogs.  
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Walks are still needed.  Just be sure to keep an eye on the temperature.  If you live somewhere very hot or very cold, a pug may not be the best choice. 

Pugs can have skin and coat issues if their skin ph gets out of wack.  Pay attention to the food you are feeding and try food designed for sensitive skin if this occurs.  Also, using the right shampoo is very important.  Please check this article out to help with skin and coat concerns. 
101 Uses For A Pug
Some say pugs are always at your hip and love to be near always.  I have heard this in a negative way as well.  If you don't like something following you around at your foot 24/7, this may not be the right choice.  However, if you need companionship, they often can fill that need. Some pugs can be this way and like to cuddle on your lap like a cat. 
Lovely pug in flowers

Pugs are loyal, fun, and happy companions.  They can be prone to health issues like weight problems, ear infections, and breathing issues.  Feeding them an optimal diet with plenty of exercise will help combat these problems.  Improper breeding of a pug can lead to health issues as well.  

Do you have a pug or are you considering a pug?  What do you love about pugs?  Let me know in the comments below.  

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  1. Great article. I am fortunate that my brother in law is staying with us (in his RV in back yard) and has two pugs. One is named Candy and the other Amy. They are so sweet! They are SO happy to see me every time!

    1. Thank you for commenting and reading the article. That is so great that you get to see them frequently. Pugs are cool!


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