The Top 5 Tools to Control Cat and Dog Shedding

    The Top 5 Shedding Products that Control Cat and Dog Shedding 

                  I am a Professional Pet Stylist and have been grooming cats and dogs since 2003. This article is designed to assist with shedding in your cats or dogs. I have gathered five superior products that I have used for years and I know them to be tried and true. 

In fact, I have performed countless successful FURminator treatment on pets.  I have gathered the products I have actually used and know are effective based on my experience as a dog and cat groomer.  

There are all kinds of tools that combat shedding. The list is not limited to these five items.  However, these items are some of my top choices.

Here are the top 5 products that are aimed at shedding!  Plus, my absolute favorite bonus item that will do better than all of these tools!!

   1.  Furminator Brush-  

FURminator Long Hair deShedding Edge For Dogs, Large
I have used FURminator brushes daily in my career.  They work on short hair and long hair dogs.  They are a wonderful undercoat removal tool for a dog.

I use this tool after I have bathed a pet in FURminator shampoo and conditioner.  It is possible to over-do it with this tool but it is highly effective. 

Furminator Brush

     2. FURminator deShedding Edge Cat Brush
FURminator Short Hair deShedding Edge For Cats, Small
Furminator brushes for cats come in a slightly smaller form factor and are designed for their body type. 

They work very well and I have used them to complete successful cat grooms.  This reduces hairballs and can combat digestive disturbances because of the reduction of undercoat.

Furminator Cat Brush

       3. FURminator DeShedding Ultra-Premium Conditioner for Dog

This is a very effective tool and aiding the undercoat to release.  The amount of fur released with this conditioner is impressive.  Please make sure you have drain guards.  

     If I had to choose between FURminator shampoo or conditioner on a pet, I would choose
the conditioner.  However, the shampoo is very effective at cleaning the coat and starting the hair removal process. 

The Furminator rinse-free foam cat shampoo is great because it allows you to get the hair out without the pain of a bath!  This shampoo and a furminator brush will get out a huge amount of undercoat. 

-Conclusion-  There are many shedding tools available.  The FURminator brushes, shampoos, and conditioners are among my favorites.  

Some other items I like are pet shedding brushes, cat shedding combs, zoom grooms, and more.  Here is a full list of products available-

Full list of grooming shedding products-  Grooming Shedding Products.

I hope this helps you with shedding!
Please comment below with your dog or cat breed 
Thank you for reading

Another tool that I appreciate is a shedding comb.  It is highly effective on cats with undercoat clumps and helps with undercoat removal in general.  
You can order this comb here-Safari Shedding Cat Comb
Safari Cat Shedding Comb.
Safari Cat and Dog Shedding Combs


  1. I have never tried a Furminator brush on my cats but it sounds more effective than just a regular brush. I have an older with longer hair who really dislikes being brushed. If I could get more of her coat brushed out with less brushing, it would sure be worth it. May have to put this brush on my birthday wish list!!!

    1. Hi, and thanks for commenting!! You may find that a cat comb works best in your current situation and not a FURminator brush. When a cat does not enjoy brushing, I really enjoy using this tool-
      I will put this link in the article as well.


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