Four Super Duper Ultra Cute Pets

  The cutest pets online

          I have seen and loved a lot of different pets as a Professional Pet Stylist.  They are funny, adorable, and have amazing personalities. Pets brighten our days and lengthen our lives.  They cherish us and we cherish them.  

Here are some of my favorites.
Take a look at these amazing pets.


This cute little black pomeranian is getting a short hair cut.  This is not just a twitchy dog!
She really appears to be dancing with the music and is not just being a wiggle worm.  

What do you think?  Do you think she is dancing or do you think she has a nervous tick?

Take a really close look at how she moves to the music.  Pretty amazing right?  I thought you would enjoy it!

As a groomer, I kept looking at the groomers thinning shears.  They are so long, right?

I have seen dogs wiggle when the shears hit their coat but this looked very cute and different.  So awesome!

Now, this is a cute image! 

There are more than a couple of things that make this image silly. Here are just a couple. 

1. This is a Pomeranian that is abnormally large and also shaved...

2. The pomeranian appears to be smiling. The dad and pom's smiles are the same... That is downright ridiculous.  

You can tell this is a pretty special match.  I wonder if they take lunch breaks together.

Here is another absolutely adorable pair. The baby white tiger is practicing his prowling skills and spooked his mother.  

It looks like he has the right tactics to get the right results. His mother either has very good acting skills or he is tremendously skilled.

                                         Seen on TikTok

This is especially silly and cute.  This was featured on the TikTok app.  This dog really has the moves.  I think this dog has the right moves.  Do you have that kind of moves? 

This dog also appears to have really long hair. This is a really cute video.  I like it!

          I have a compilation of pet pins on my Pinterest page that you may enjoy! These are a few of my favorite pins.  

Do you have a favorite pet pin?  Feel free to share a link to it below.  We all love a good pin.  Thank you for reading the article.

I hope you enjoyed a few cute and special pets.  There are so many amazing animals. 



  1. Thanks for the great smile making videos for today. So fun:)

  2. I like then all but the last one really struck me funny! After a long day at work it was nice to come home and see these! Hilarious! Thank you!

  3. Watching this video makes me happy,thank you for making this.

  4. Beautiful animals in pictures and videos🐶🐱🐹🐨 ->


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