How to prepare for a guest who has pet allergies

      How to prepare your home for a guest with pet allergies

Pet allergies are common and occur frequently when visitors come to a home with pets.  It will happen one time or another.  You may have allergies or you may have a guest visiting your home and they have allergies.  

The question I am addressing is: How does one prepare for these situations and is it possible to avoid allergy problems?  

This article is engineered to provide you with tools if you encounter these situations.   In most situations, allergies will still present themselves but perhaps they will be mild.

Let in fresh air

Here are a few suggestions that may help if you are hosting a guest or guests with pet allergies.

  • *Vacuum! Vacuum! Vacuum! and spray clean your dust away.  Dusting alone will allow dander to permeate the air. Cleaning surfaces regularly will remove any dander or particles that have settled.

Clean all surfaces in the home 

~It is possible to clean the air!~

  • An air purifier works wonders.  I have an air purifier next to our bedside and it has greatly reduced allergies in that room. Air purifiers circulate the air through a filter and do really help in cleaning the air to reduce allergies.  There are many sizes for different living spaces or living quarters.

  •  If you own cats, use a cat-friendly waterless shampoo and brush frequently.  If you own dogs, frequent grooming every 4-6 weeks will reduce allergens in the home as well. 
Burt's Bees Dander Reducing Cat Spray, 10-oz bottle
Burt's Bees Dander Reducing Cat Spray, 10-oz bottle

  • Get your carpets professionally cleaned or clean them yourself by renting a carpet cleaner or with your own. Here is a carpet cleaning shampoo available at chewy- Natures Miracle Carpet Shampoo 
Nature's Miracle Deep Cleaning Carpet Shampoo, 64-oz bottle

  • If you have sofas with fabric it is key to cover or clean your furniture.  There are handheld carpet cleaners that will clean a sofa and some carpet cleaning machines come with an attachment head that will allow for greater reach. 

  • Wash any bedding that your guest may be sleeping on.  Unless your sheets were in an airtight environment, your guest may still suffer from slight allergies if they have sat for some time. 

  • Wash any clothing you will wear when your guest is present.  Hugs are important but if you were hugging your pet earlier than it will likely transfer to your guest. 

  • Keep your pets confined to one location or kennel your pets if this is not possible. 

  • Keep the duration of the visit minimal.  The longer your guest stays, the more likely that allergies will be triggered.  

It is important to keep non-drowsy and drowsy allergy medicine on hand. It may be a rough ride if the allergies are severe and it may be necessary to shorten a visit or get together at a different location.  It depends on the severity of the allergies.

I hope these tips have helped and please let me know if you have any additional suggestions for pet allergy sufferers!

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