Five signs that your dog's hard drive needs a reboot

Dogs do some pretty unusual things

After a while of seeing your dog act unusual, you may wonder to yourself "Is my dog broken?"  

Do not worry. In this article, I will share with you five signs that your dog is broken and how to reboot your dog if you see at least three of these signs.   

It happens and I am here to help. It is a common occurrence among dogs.  

Here are five signs that you may need to wipe your dog's hard drive and start over.

1.  They no longer sound like a dog.  They make unusual noises that sound garbled, like a human, or a prehistoric raptor. 

If you begin hearing unusual sounds repeatedly, they are likely experiencing technical difficulties.  

2.  They have this crazy look in their eyes. This look shows up from time to time.  It doesn't make a lot of sense but it is very unsettling. It goes away as fast as it shows up but boy does it spook you.  Use caution when you begin to see this look as it eventually becomes their main look.
Hi... what are you doing?  Are you eating?

3. Your dog seems to have new abilities. They seem to fly, twist themselves in a knot, or sleep in very unusual positions.  They seem to defeat the laws of gravity and defy all odds.
They call me Graviton
So, your dog is talented.  This superhero type of behavior could be an upgrade.  Do not reboot your dog unless your dog is showing other signs of undog-like behavior.
I am superdog
4.  Your dog falls asleep in random and very uncomfortable positions.  They find these positions ultra-comfortable and prefer to be awkward. 

 5.  Your dog starts taking on human attributes.  They start walking on their hind legs, smiling for the camera, or dressing in people's clothes.  If you enjoy this behavior, you may choose not to reboot.  This can be cute and enduring.  


If your dog has shown unusual un-dog like signs, you may need to do a complete reboot on their hard drive.  

There is a place right on the end of the ear that you press with both fingers lightly for five seconds.  

This will likely reboot them.  Be aware that this only works with dogs.  If you like your current model, please do not reboot.  

Cats have a different reboot spot and that is trickier to find.  
Say Cheese!

I hope you enjoyed this article and found it humorous.  Please share with a friend!  What type of behaviors does your dog do that is unusual? 


  1. Thank you for that dose of humor. It was very funny! Also for making such a terrific resource available to anyone who wants it (and for free!). I look forward to your blogs!

    1. You are welcome and I am really happy you enjoy the articles.

  2. That was a funny article! I needed the smile thank you!!!


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