Standard Poodles are great dogs


Standard Poodles refer to poodles that are over 15 inches at their withers at maturity.  There are a variety of sizes of poodles and poodle mixes in the world. Standard Poodles have a reputation for being showy and gorgeous.  They are frequently remembered trotting around the dog show and winning prestigious awards.  
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St. Poodle puppy 

St. Poodles are ever so intelligent.  They are so smart that they have a history of performing in circuses.  They love to be in the spotlight. They are loyal dogs and share a deep bond with their families.  

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St. Poodles enjoy relaxing

They frequently enjoy swimming in lakes but also enjoy the lap of luxury. Standard Poodles have an enormous variety of hair cuts. The possibilities are endless. Analyze your lifestyle when choosing a haircut.

I have seen tie-died poodles that are trimmed to look like they came out of the '70s.  I have seen enormous billowing top knots that flow ever so gently into a poofy mane of glory. They require daily brushing and grooming every 4-6 weeks. 

St. Poodles can take a while to groom because of the precision and expertise needed from the groomer to complete a look.  St. Poodles actually have AKC certified guidelines in a hair cut.  Most groomers are capable of following these guidelines.  

It shows off particular muscle groups and accentuates the strength and elegance of a St. Poodle.  They really are a showy specimen of a dog.

         St. Poodles also are trimmed very short.  A short hair cut is needed if they are having daily fun at the dog park, frequently in a yard, or just simply like to get dirty.  Grooming is a high priority for this breed.  St. Poodles are considered a non-sporting dog which means they do not have any specifics that fit them in any other category.  

The non-sporting is a diverse group of dogs that couldn't be more different at times.  For example, a Chow Chow is also on the non-sporting.  They are very different in many ways.

Standard Poodles are a unique breed that is sure to create many lasting memories in your family.  Why do you love Standard Poodles? What is your favorite memory? 


  1. That was a great article. When I was growing up my Grandma had a little black poodle named Peppie. My good friends family had a Standard poodle named happy! I to this day still think about her. She was so loving, beautiful and smart! She loved popcorn and would catch it out of the air.

    1. That would have been fun to see. What a good memory!


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