Ten important hamster supplies

Ten Important Hamster Supplies

Hamsters are the best pets for loving and attentive pet owners.  They only require around ten initial care items or supplies to ensure proper care. These supplies will allow them to thrive and give them a nice setup.  

Hamsters can be fairly easy to take care of once you get used to the routine.  They do not require as much cage cleaning as some pets. They require specific supplies and care items!


Here are some basic care items for your hamster!

1. A Cage/Home-  

First things first! Your bud needs a place to rest and hang out. There are many different options. Try to go for a large cage and not made of glass. 

Glass does not offer enough ventilation. 

Also, go for thinly spaced wires if you purchase a wired cage.  There are many ideas on Pinterest on DIY hamster homes. 
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Bedding is what lines the cage and keeps the cage fresh.  There are a lot of bedding choices. Carefresh makes bedding made out of recycled paper. The quality ranges in bedding types. 

Try reading reviews on the beddings. Aspen and pine are inexpensive but not ideal because it can cause respiratory and skin issues. 

Wood pellets last a long time and can be an option but do not allow burrowing. 

3. Food-  

Some foods have a lot of fillers like corn and little seeds that your hamster will not eat. Do not make the mistake of not changing their food out every day to force them to finish the food. 
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Hamster enjoying food medley

I was wrongly told this by a pet store associate.  My bowl appeared full but my little guy did not eat all the food types even though it was hamster food. Here are a variety of hamster bowls.

Try to stick with high-quality food for your hamster that has some seeds but is made primarily of pellets and wafers. Here are some food choices.

4. Litter pan-
This is optional but I found that my hamster would go to the bathroom in one spot. I stuck the tiny littler pan in that area and it became a habit. This made the cage so easy to care for. 

5.Water bottle- 

Water bottles are great because they do not get contaminated with bedding. 
I am not talking about a human water bottle.  I do not recommend making your own.  Try to get a bottle with very good reviews.  Some water bottles can empty by slowly dripping.  That's no good!

A hamster water bottle goes on their cage and they drink from it. Try to get the type that goes outside of the cage and not inside. 

6. Fluff/nesting material-

This can be as simple as toilet tissue or tissue paper. They love to shred up tissue and make a nest. Some hamsters like cotton or old pieces of t-shirt material. 

7. Snacks- 

There are so many options to choose from. Snacks are a great way to encourage chewing. Plus, they can come in a toy form and the hamster can work a little for their treat. 

 8. Toys-

Toys come in a large variety of shapes and sizes. They can also come in the form of a treat. Be sure to pick out something that can provide hours of entertainment.  No pressure! (a toilet paper tube can do just this!)
    In case you want something a little different, take a look here.

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Hamsters are inquisitive

 9. A wheel and ball- 

Hamsters absolutely need a place to run.  They run and scurry in the wild all day.  Without this, they will not thrive.  
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10. Love- Last but not at all least, love. Hamsters need a lot of affection and attention. Plan to spend time with your buddy every day. Start off in slow increments. 

Start with 5 minutes and aim for an hour daily. My hamster would get really wiggly after a while and fast and furious. I had to let him calm down sometimes. 

Hamsters are a low maintenance pet but the initial setup is required.  They require a cage, food, water, bedding, a wheel, treats, love, and more.  
Here are some great hamster supplies to help you in your pursuit of the perfect hamster set up.  

What other hamster supplies do you think are great?  Have you ever had a hamster?  
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