Is a Teddy Bear Hamster a good pet?



            When I was young I had a black Teddy Bear hamster named Bill.  He was gentle, kind, and as sweet as pie.  He was a wonderful pet and loved company.   As I grew up, my fondness for these little intelligent creatures grew.  As an adult, I had an orange Teddy Bear hamster that we fondly named Teddy. I have had a couple of Teddy Bear hamsters since and they will always hold a special place in my heart.

           When considering a Teddy bear hamster, know that they require around a three-year commitment.  Their cage care is fun and minimal compared to larger species like guinea pigs and rabbits.  They do require bedding that will not irritate their bodies or airways.  Aspen and Pine are prone to do this and other bedding is available like wood pellets or recycled paper bedding.  Teddy bear hamsters will thrive with love, care, and proper setup.

Here are a few hamster supplies that you will need but please branch out as you learn!

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  • bedding
  • bed 
  • wheel
  • ball
  • toys
  • water 
  • food
  • treats
  • hamster cage 

       When I first learned how to handle my hamster, I wore light gloves.  Teddy Bear hamsters are not known to bite but I had a Teddy that would bite at first and that startled me and did cause pain.  The gloves prevented me from getting injured but also from having a reaction that might cause me to drop my little guy.  As time progressed, it was obvious that he trusted me and a bond grew. 

Hamster Personalities    

          Hamsters have unique and individual personalities.  I was very surprised at the very unique personality my Teddy Bear named Teddy had.  He was very different than Bill.  Bill was rather laid back and liked to lay around. Teddy was rambunctious and silly.  
        He always seemed to be playing a game.  He would try different jumps off different levels of his cage while I was watching.  He always wanted to make sure that I was watching when he was doing something "cool".  He was so intelligent and watching him always made me smile.  
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         Your hamster will become attached to you. They do need this bond as they will become lonely otherwise.  They require time out of their cage to play and interact even if they have a cage mansion.  It is recommended to play with your hamster for at least one hour a day.  
        Hamsters do a lot of their playing in the night but with time your hamster will begin to be awake around the time you both play together.  
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        Right now you are likely very excited to get a hamster!  Keep in mind that they need supervision when you take a vacation or are away.  They are a wonderful pet.  I hope your learning continues.  
       Have you ever had a Teddy Bear hamster?  What most excites you when you consider getting a Teddy Bear hamster?  Comment Below!
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  1. This is a very informative article on teddy bear hamsters. I like how you are speaking from experience! The part where you said Ted wanted to show you cool things made me laugh. I bet he was showing off for you! I never knew they were such social animals. Thank you for all the information. I am looking forward to reading more articles!

    1. I am glad you enjoyed the article. Thank you!

  2. Our daughter had a Teddy Bear Hamster when she was in junior high and the little girl, Pumpkin, was the best and dearest of pets. This article brought back wonderful memories. Pumpkin was sweet and so cute. When we bought Pumpkin, she was "on sale" along with all the other Teddy Bear Hamsters that she was with. We found out why in just a couple of weeks as Pumpkin became a mother!! This was much to our surprise. She had a large litter and sadly we lost two of them before we consulted a vet to find that such a large litter needed supplement food. We gave them hard boiled egg and also the canned "kittens milk" from an eye dropper as I recall. As soon as we started the food supplements, they are thrived and became beautiful, big Teddy Bears. We found most of them homes and we kept two. It was a wonderful experience. Our daughter even took Pumpkin to the 4-H Fair as a Pocket Pet and won a ribbon:)


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