Is an Italian Greyhound a good pet?

   Are Italian Greyhound ( Piccolo Levriero  Italiano) good pets?

 The Italian Greyhounds is a wonderful and incredibly special dog breed.  I can personally attest to what an amazing experience it is to be loved by this special little dog. This breed is actually known for its loving and delightful personality towards their family.  They are brilliant dogs and are as fast as lightning.  They are compact little race dogs. 

When considering adopting or seeking out an Italian Greyhound, it’s important to know their health and personality attributes. 
          If you or someone from your family suffers from mild allergies, an Italian Greyhound is a suitable choice. Although this breed isn’t shed-free, it sheds less than many other breeds and does not have as much dander. 

      What are Italian Greyhounds like?

        They have a sleek and short coat that does not collect outside allergens and they enjoy being well-kept and clean.  They have a very unique temperament.  

Italian Greyhounds can be as pretty as a picture

        It is common for an Italian Greyhound to be very shy or timid around strangers. 

My experience was very different.  My Italian Greyhound took great delight in meeting someone new. This breed is known to have a gentle personality.  

They are happy, loving, and incredibly affectionate. and it is loving and affectionate with their family.  When introducing this dog breed to someone new, they will warm up to the new person within a short while.  
Italian Greyhound Puppy Playing

        Though this breed has a short coat, it is still considered a high maintenance dog.  It is common to think that less hair means less work.  Even without all the grooming, these dogs can require constant attention and stimulation. 

Sometimes a lap is simply all it takes, but they enjoy running, playing games, and emotional connection. 

     Once you find what your dog appreciates, they are easy to train and great joy. 

       Some Italian greyhounds will chase any and all creatures.  As a puppy, I was able to off-leash train my dog but this is not common.  They can reach speeds of up to 25 miles per hour!  It is pretty important to have a fenced-in yard for safety.  

Since Italian Greyhounds are very smart that makes them very trainable.  Like I said, I was able to quickly train my dog to stay by my side as a very tiny puppy.  Training needs to be carefree and fun. They want to have something out of the training.  My dog's currency was love and admiration. 

The Italian Greyhound does have some common medical issues that are common to its breed.

        They have very thin legs which makes them prone to injury.  They have broken their legs simply by jumping off of a couch on a hard floor incorrectly.  

They are also prone to a leg condition called Luxating Patella.  This is a condition in which their joints will pop out and it will cause discomfort.  Fortunately, my dog did not have these conditions.  

These small dogs have very attractive teeth.  It is important to keep their mouths in good shape.  They are prone to dental decay and daily attention to dental hygiene is crucial. Give them chews, brush their teeth, and take them to the vet for scheduled dental cleanings.  This will keep their mouths healthy. 
Adorable Italian Greyhound Puppy

         They do not have as much body fat as other breeds and can have difficulty with cold weather. My Italian Greyhound had a slew of pretty little coats! 

         She always looked forward to wearing them. This is a breed that absolutely needs a jacket if you experience cold weather where you live.  They also frequently need boots on their feet as they will freeze quickly.  

        Italian Greyhounds are amazing dogs but do take a lot of time and energy.  Though they love creature comforts, they are also energetic. They love to run and play along with a having a deep need for snuggles!  

       There could be some sudden vet expenses.  Dental hygiene is very important with this breed.  They make a wonderful pet with proper care.

Have you ever owned an Italian Greyhound?
What was your experience?  I would love to hear!


  1. I was happy to see an article on Italian Greyhounds. My Grandmother had one when I was a child. I’m looking forward to reading more of your articles. One you know if whippets are the same as Italian Greyhounds?

  2. Hi Samantha! Whippets are a little bigger than Italian Greyhounds. They look a lot alike but are a different breed.

    1. Thank you Esma. I am reading all of your articles and hope you continue to post more!


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