Do Meerkats make good pets?


Meerkats are adorable but do they make a good pet?

      There is something special about a Meerkat.  When I see them interact, I am frequently reminded of the importance of family.  They hug, embrace, and interact with each other in a very loving way.  It is easy to see and understand their feelings and emotions. Their adorable nature makes it easy to want a Meerkat for a pet. 
Meerkats are connected to their "mob" or "gang"

     However, owning a Meerkat is said to be difficult and they are not considered an ideal pet to own. Many people are very against the ownership of Meerkats because they do not always thrive when owned as a pet. 

      Regardless, they are still sold in some pet stores and people actually do own Meerkats. Meerkats come from the mongoose family and are from Southern Africa. 
     Meerkats are considered an exotic pet and there are legalities involved. Meerkat ownership is permitted in certain parts of the United Kingdom and Japan. When I saw that the price of a Meerkat is $1500-2500 dollars, I was very surprised because are many purebred dogs sold at these prices.  I thought that an exotic animal would be priced at even higher rates. 

       However, that is not where the cost comes in when owning a Meerkat.  Meerkats are said to need an environment to burrow, scratch, and frequently chew. They will also need an exotic vet.  It is also best to have more than one Meerkat. This is another expense.  
      Meerkats are very connected to their "mob" or "gang" both in the wild and in a home.  They can be aggressive when separated or when they feel their "gang" is in danger. 

      Meerkats live in an intricate family system and rely on their family network to thrive. They bond with their "gang" so deeply that if any separation issues, it can be devastating for their lives.  That is why it is crucial that they should not be rehomed if they are kept as a pet.
     Watching some of the videos of the Meerkat affections are heartwarming and enough to make almost anyone want a Meerkat.  However, they can have very different temperaments than what is caught on film and may not behave that way with everyone. Some say Meerkats are aggressive and can be very aggressive with strangers as well. Expectations are frequently not met and the Meerkat suffers because of this.  

              -Conclusion- Do Meerkats make a good pet?

       The bottom line is no. This is because they are very complex animals with strong emotional and physical needs. Often when owned, their needs are not truly met. However, there are some circumstances when expectations are met and there is a fruitful bond between the owners and their Meerkat.