What type of cat litter will you use?

                  What type of kitty litter will you use?

         There are so many kitty litters available.  There seems to be litter in every type of form sold, except maybe dirt. A cat will certainly use this if they are an outdoor pet. 

        All these choices may get a little confusing. Sometimes it is important to use a different litter during certain times in your cat's life.  I have listed different types available and describe what each is like. 

Types of cat litter's available

Clay (non-clump) - Regular clay litter is the cheapest and is still widely used. This is sold at dollar stores, pet stores, and online. Clay can also clump and has a wide variety of brands. Clay litter has to be changed frequently as most litters do. 

Crystals- Crystals absorb the urine for a month and dry out solid waste. Waste needs to be removed daily. This option is less work.  Some cats do not accept this well but if they do it is very cost-effective.
ScoopFree Lavender Scented Non-Clumping Crystal Cat Litter, 2 pack

Litter that clumps- Clumping litters absorb the urine and clump up.  The way it clumps can vary and can stick to the sides.  This is not ideal and I recommend trying a different brand of clumping litters if this happens.  

I find paper-based litters to be pretty yucky because they do not always absorb the urine well. However, they are important if your cat has allergies or if your cat has had their claws removed.  

They will not get inside your cat's paws like clay can and they are made from recycled paper. The litter is messy but it may be better if your cat needs a sensitive option.
  Fresh News Unscented Non-Clumping Paper Cat Litter, 25-lb bag

Wheat and plant-based- These litters are the most natural. They are some people's first choice. I have not used this type much because I have also found that they are not very absorbent.

Almo Nature Unscented Clumping Grass Cat Litter, 10-lb bag
'PH' litter- this is a unique litter that changes color with the acidity of the urine and will help you spot a urinary infection. This is sold online and some pet stores.
            Pet Healthy Brands Perfect Cat Unscented Clumping Clay Cat Litter, 4-lb bag
      There is a large variety of choices for your cat available.  It may be trial and error at first to decide what your cat does best with.  My personal favorite litter is crystal litter.  
     Crystals are by far the most cost-effective since one bag usually can last for several months with one cat. They also reduce odor and there is minimal clean up until it needs to be completely cleaned. 

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Let me know what you chose in the comments below!

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  1. With four cats, the clumping litter is my choice. I clean all the boxes at least once a day and it's not hard with the clumping litter that does not stick too badly. If I adopt a kitten sometime in the future, I might try to do the crystals as it works well. But only one of my four cats would use the crystals when I introduced it to them as adults. It worked well for the one!!!

    1. Yes, I agree clumping litter is great. The crystal litter can be so useful as long as all parties (cats) agree! If a person has just one cat, crystal litter is worth considering as it is very cost effective. Thank you for commenting!


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