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Hello Pet Lover!  
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The cat that came from anywhere when called

       Over the years, I have met many pets and their parents.  I have both seen and heard of the joy the pets have spread in their families. The size of a pet has not defined how much delight and joy it brings.  A small energetic frog that loves to eat insects can delight a child for years. I've even heard a story of a goldfish that lived for over a decade and would greet its pet-parent at the glass. 
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The two goldfish that fell in love

         Large pets like horses, Great Pyrenees, and Great Danes can all surprise us with their gentle dispositions and amazing personalities. I once watched a video on a woman who rescued a bee and shared an incredible relationship for a short time.  She captured it all on video! A pets love does not know a thing about boundaries.  They add depth and meaning to life.  

Pyrenean Mountain Dog, Head, Male
       I would like to take the time to commemorate a few loved pets.  Your pet may be alive and well, aging, or in your heart. I would love to write an article for you.  I would be glad to share some of your favorite memories and moments, a picture or two, and perhaps some interesting information about their breed or a mix of breeds.          
          Remember that images do get taken mistakenly and on purpose on the internet even though they are Copyright protected.  Do not share anything that you do not want anyone to reuse or take. 
     Thar be pirates out there. Yarrr matey! If you share a picture, I will not hold any responsibility if someone does do this. If you do not wish to share the actual picture, I will post something close. 


  1. I would like an article written about my dog Sadie who passed away last February at 18 years old. She was a Pomperanian mix.

  2. Thank you for allowing me to talk about your special dog Sadie. Her memory will not be forgotten.


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