The Interesting Armadillo-Would you own an armadillo?

           The Interesting Armadillo

Armadillos are a very unique creature that can roll up into a ball.  They are the only known creature to harbor the bacteria called Mycobacterium leprae.  This is the bacterium that causes leprosy. Yikes! That alone is enough to put halts on owning this cute and interesting ancient-looking creature. 

However, there are some who still own this creature.  They can be playful, loving, and for some a very wonderful pet. Take a look at the video of this amazing little Armadillo.

Arnie loves his baths!  He is the happiest Armadillo in Kentucky.       

If someone is still looking to own this rolly polly ball, they may find that it can be difficult to find a domestic Armadillo. 

They may be plentiful in the southwest but should not be acquired from the wild.  They are prone to illness and only should be acquired from a breeder.
In Texas, Armadillos will tear up flower beds and ruin gardens.  Could you imagine walking out to your garden to find an Armadillo nose and leg deep in your veggies?  Well, this is a normal occurrence in Texas.
Not everyone loves an Armadillo
There are some people who have had a wave of intense anger toward these sometimes destructive little balls. They would not consider owning an Armadillo for one second.  

These Armadillos are certainly underdogs. At the current time, the Armadillo is not a protected species.  One must have a license to terminate these little guys on public property but not on private property. Run little guy run!  

Some may consider them to be an unimportant species now but this way of thought could make them extinct. 

The Nine-banded Long-nosed Armadillo is one of the twenty-one species of Armadillos that's population is not shrinking.
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Owning an Armadillo may be fun for some but I am likely to stay clear of that. What about you?  They sure are interesting to look at and look like loads of fun from afar.  Perhaps, not to Texans though.  
One thing to be sure of is that ownership of an Armadillo would require a lot of work.  This is not a pet that should be considered lightly!  

Share your comments below.  Would you own an Armadillo?


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