In Loving Memory of Sadie the Pomeranian mix 2001-2019



In Loving Memory of SADIE 2001-2019

For the first three years of Sadie's life, she lived with a gaggle of thirteen kids.  She had a look in her eyes that said: "I need a little rest".  She was the dog next door.  She was willingly adopted into a much calmer home by her next-door neighbor and when she laid down the first night without the kids her eyes said: " Oh, thaaaank you".

She lived for another 15 years after that with her new mom who she adored and was forever thankful for.  Sadie was delightful every step of the way. Sadie is a Pomsky which means she is a Pomeranian Husky mix.  She was loyal, loving, and loved.  She had a face that would make you smile no matter what kind of day, month, or year you were having.  

Sadie loved ants.  I mean she LOVED ants. She would lay on the ground and stare in wait.  She would wait for hours until she saw one and then slurp it up.  She loved hanging out at her owner's dad's property because the ants there were plentiful.  
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She even loved the ants that stung her in the mouth.  She would shake her head, pull up her gums, and make funny faces.  She would continue eating them even more thrilled that they sometimes bit back.

She loved them so much that her owner checked with the vet to make sure her ant habit was healthy.  The vet said that ants are a great source of protein and vitamin c and that she may carry on.    
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Sadie was also called Sadie Puff or Precious Pumpkin Pie.  Sadie was one of the sweetest dogs that ever lived.  Her love knew no bounds and she would have lived forever had she been allowed. She is folded into every memory her owner has for the last 18 years.

She understood how her owner was feeling and stood by her side through difficulties and good times.  Sadie even had a sense of humor.  She could understand what was being said to her. 

She would sneeze on purpose if her mom said: "Bless you Sadie" She enjoyed pleasing her mom. There are not enough words to sum up this Precious Pumpkin Pie. She passed away in February 2019
                          Her love will never be forgotten
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Her owner called her Aardvark Sadie


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  2. This was such a nice tribute! I can truly tell how loved she was. Thank you for sharing.

  3. i met Sadie she was the sweetest little doggy there was no other as sweet as little Sadie. This is so sweet to keep her memory alive.


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