In Home Pet Grooming for Local Neighbors

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      Since I work directly with pets, I frequently use different dog shampoos and various pet products.  If you would like to have me take a look at your product I would love to share and express my thoughts on my social media. Feel free to contact me in this regard.

If you have landed on my service page, I have likely directed you here. 

I am an animal advocate and a Professional Pet Stylist.  I do not work commercially any longer but instead, offer dog grooming services to my local neighborhood.

I write various articles on animals to educate and provide entertainment and still work directly with dogs in my home.   

I do not kennel dogs and only work with one animal per visit.  This is a personalized experience for the dog.

I have been a certified Pet Stylist since 2003

Dog Grooming

I groom dogs in my home for a more personal loving experience and time savings for my neighbors

Services I offer

  • Nail trimming/filing
  • Ear Cleaning/plucking
  • Brushing/detangling
  • Haircutting
  • Washing/drying
  • Bows/ribbons/and more

I work with dogs that are 45 pounds and under

Prices are examples only

I will likely need to see your pet to price appropriately

Each Type of Pet Groom consists of:

Bath & Brush includes: Nails, Ears, Paw Pads, Sanitary, Bath, Brush

Feet Face and Tail is also known as Full-Service Groom:

Clean and neaten up the face, feet, and tail area.

Full Pet Groom includes: all of the above & a complete hair cut

Nails $10 for trimming $15 for trimming and grind and plus $5 for very difficult dogs

Cream Toy Poodle Puppy in Bathtub

Bath & Brush

Small = $15-$30

Face, Feet, & Tail


Full Groom


All Breeds Accepted under 45 pounds

  • I do muzzle if needed
  • I do accept matted dogs 
  •  I do require a liability waiver signature 
  • I do need to see your pet first to give better quotes. 

Send me a picture that you captured that day of your pet to get a better price example.

All dogs are done start to finish by hand

Your pet will not go in a cage when done so I will call when I am nearly finished.    

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