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                As a Professional Pet Stylist, I have groomed countless Yorkshire Terriers.  They are a fun breed with a unique temperament.  They are warm, loving, and fun. They always seem to be looking for the next best thing. Yorkies often have a deep connection with their owners and a great understanding of the world around them.  

Their coat is more like hair instead of fur and can grow very long! 
They even can have their hair in ponytails and their owners will brush them on their laps daily. 

Some owners opt to trim their coats very short so that the coat does not tangle. Some Yorkies are pretty as a picture while others may linger on the raggamuffin side of things.  Yorkies come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors depending on the breeder, breed, and bloodlines.  

Yorkies Come in Different Sizes, Shapes, and Colors
Yorkies look as unique as their personalities

          Yorkshire Terriers have short little tails that wag and wag. However, some Yorkies do not get their tails docked and I love that!  As a groomer, I always love trimming their long and gorgeous fantail. Yorkies with long tails always look so happy and free.  Their tails seem to dance in the wind.  

Did you know there are different types of Yorkshire Terriers? 

Some are registered in AKC registries like the Parti Yorkie.  Parti Yorkies have a lot of white in their coat and stand out. 

Some Yorkies are not recognized by AKC like the Designer Yorkie.  These Yorkies are frequently bred with other dogs to get the look people are looking for.  

Yorkies are prone to dental decay and an owner needs to be scrupulous about dental hygiene.  

Be sure to brush your pup's teeth daily, provide stimulating chew toys, and get their teeth looked at by the vet when they visit.  

There is a large variety of toothbrushes, toys, and treats that will make this job easy and fun.  Proper dental hygiene will keep your pup healthy and happy for a long time.  
Yorkies frequently need a good groom.  A Yorkie should be groomed around every 4-8 weeks depending on your hair cut choice.  This will keep their coats silky and smooth.  

Their nails will need trimming once every 2 weeks or so.  You also have a little brush homework with your Yorkie. Be sure to run a brush through their coat daily. Then follow up with a comb to ensure you didn't miss anything.  
What was your Yorkie like?

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         Yorkies are loyal, strong-willed, and fun.  Each individual Yorkie has a different personality.  They are deeply connected to their parents.  



  1. Your article was very informative and I definitely found out new things about Yorkies. I am leaning more towards getting one. I understand the work, but am more then willing! Thank you

    1. Hi Suzanne,
      Have you gotten your Yorkie Yet? They can be a little challenging but fortunately they aim to please!


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