Giant earthworms? 7 facts about earthworms that will make your skin crawl

Earthworms are a favorite bait choice among fishermen and women. They also can have beneficial and detrimental impacts on our soil and on ecological systems.  

You and I know a thing or two about earthworms. We know that fishermen use worms as bait, worms are great for composting, and that birds eat worms.  
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You see worms dried out on the pavement when its hot and I see them come out in the rain.  Let's do a little digging in the dirt (so to speak) and learn more about those good ole worms. 

  1. Earthworms dont migrate but they can travel a short distance.  They have little hair-like projections on their bodies that are called setae.  These setae are what anchor the worm while it uses its muscular body to move about.  Have you ever held a worm?  They aren't quite as soft as they look, are they? They have a rough texture.  If they were slick, they would have a much harder time moving around. 
  2.  Did you know that that a worms digestive system converts nutrients into a form that plants can absorb?  That is one reason why people make worm compost farms.  The worm excrement (worm poop) which is called "casting" is wonderful for plants.  Worms feed the soil so that nature can thrive.  
  3. There are over 5000 species of earthworms.  If you were wondering what species of worm I was talking about, I hope that clears things up. 
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              Thats one big worm
  5. One of the largest worms found in Africa was 22 feet long. 
  6. Come on, folks. That is not a worm. That is a huge snake.  Imagine stumbling across a worm of that size.  That's a lot of bait right there. What is this worm eating if a worm can really eat its weight in food every day? (bonus 8th fact!)
  7. One acre of land can house one million worms!
  8. Worms are very important to our ecosystem.  However, there is such a thing as an invasive earthworm.  If an invasive earthworm enters into a hardwood forest, they change the ecosystem and wreak havoc on the understory plants.  One way that this can happen is if a fisherman drops worms off in a non-native location. 
  9. Worms are classified as an animal and are not insects.

The earthworm. Mans best friend? 
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