Finding the perfect (purrfect) cat

Choosing the perfect cat for you

        This article asks important questions that will guide you in your pursuit of the perfect cat. As you already may know, not all cats are alike.  All cats have different personalities even if they come from the same breed or family. 
      Many Siamese, for example, can be strong-willed and vocal, but there’s no guarantee that every Siamese will be that way.        Some cats can be calm and sweet one second and then literally jumping off of the walls the next. Some kitties zoom around the room suddenly and then are as still as a placid lake the next second.  

This poses some important questions

  • What type of personality are you looking for? 
Some cats are laid back and aloof while others are playful.  They have all different types of temperaments.  Going to an adoption center will allow you to get to know your cat before you decide.   
  • Do you want a kitten or an adult? 
Kittens are found at adoption agencies and so are adult cats.  Adult cats frequently have a history.  Some of the stories are happy and some not so happy.  Rescuing a cat at any age will change their life for the positive. 
  • Would you consider adopting?
Adopting a cat is my top choice for finding a cat.  There are far too many homeless pets in this world.  Would you consider a pet that was owned by someone and had to be relinquished?
Cat, Adoption, Foundation, Animal
Taking a cat to its forever home is one of the most important decisions

One of the most important care questions has to do with the cat's fur-
  • Do you want to brush your cat's long hair or do you want a cat that takes care of itself mostly?  
        Cats can be pretty self-sufficient when it comes to grooming.  Most do not require bathing and are very well kept.  However, they can get mats if their hair is long and can also have an undercoat.  

Safari Shedding Cat CombLi'l Pals Coated Tips Cat Slicker Brush
        A comb and brush are essential to at least have on hand for a long hair cat. Some cats have minimal dander and squeaky clean skin while others have flaky skin and an oily coat. 
         If you have allergies, a cat with a short and clean coat may best.  Cats typically require less care for their coats and skin than a dog. 

Weekly brushing and inspection of your cat's skin will reduce problems.  If your cat is not comfortable while you groom it, a local pet groomer may be able to help coach you or groom your cat.    
Shelter Cat, Cage, Adoption, Homeless
Shelter cats may have nerve issues at first but they can recover
Petfinder has a cool resource that you may like.  It will assist but not certainly define what breed of cat has the right personality for you!  Remember, all cats have very unique personalities!

I have been in the pet industry since 2003 and have been working with cats and dogs.  

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about cats, please let me know.

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