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How adopting works!

Find your soulpet💗 today.  Find a dog, cat, rabbit, horse, ferret, small animal, and more at your local shelter or rescue.  It is easy breezy! Just type in your zip code and select the type of pet you want.  This will generate all of the photos of pets available in your area! Super cool right?  

Click on a pet's picture and you can see all the info related to that pet.

When you find a pet you are interested in, click on their green or blue “Ask About Me” button.  This will allow you to contact the local shelter they are staying at.  

Some shelters even have visiting hours and you can see the pet at the shelter. There will be an address provided for the shelter.  
Blue-eyed Beauty

Sometimes people get too excited and go to the pet store and buy a pet because they think adopting will take too long.  There is a process but it is minimal and can prevent rash decision making at a pet store. 
Remember kittens turn into adults

You may have questions like- Does it take a long time? Is it expensive💰?

It is usually less expensive than a pet store across the board.  The time it takes to adopt depends on whether you adopt from a Shelter or a Rescue.

Shelters all work a little differently but here is a generalized idea-

You find a pet and go to that shelter.  You love him! 
Special friend

You then ask the shelter staff if you can visit with him.  You decide he is right for you.  You provide your photo ID, pay a fee, and sometimes sign papers.  The cost can range between (average range is $20 to $125),

You will get copies of the pet’s records and you get to take your pet home. Some shelters require a 24 hour wait period.


If you find your pet at the rescue, you then email the rescue and they will ask you to fill out an application. You then schedule your visit to the adoption location.
Fostered kittens

You meet the pet and you fall in love.💗  You then arrange the process with the volunteer. They email you copies of his vaccination and sterilization records. You arrange the pet pick up or drop off.
Your new pet is usually brought by his foster volunteer to your home!

You sign their adoption contract and pay their adoption fee (usually ranges from $20 to $300) This depends on the group you are working with.

I hope this helps in your pursuit of adopting. 

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  1. We have adopted several Siamese cats from rescue. In our experience the rescue groups do an amazing job of helping to make sure that you and the kitty are a good match. They set you up for success. And yes, rescue kitties often come with "baggage" as they may have had some hard times, but they are so worth the time it takes to give them a loving forever home. They really appreciate a good home and love:)

    1. I am glad that you decided to rescue your Siamese cats. Thank you for sharing your experience!

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