The importance of proper dental hygiene in dogs

           Great Dental Treats for Dogs

        Proper dental hygiene can extend the life of your pet and ward off illnesses.  If your dog's mouth is not taken care of it can lead to problems like pathologic jaw fracture due to periodontitis, gum inflammation, liver and kidney disease, heart disease, and more.      

      The mouth is the gateway to the rest of the body.  One step that I take as a Professional Pet Stylist is brushing your dog's teeth to ensure proper oral health. 
Give your best friend the care they need by keeping their teeth clean

      A clean mouth can mean longevity for your pet. The best way to avoid dental complications is to have your vet check your dog's teeth and to take a proactive approach at home. 

 I have seen countless dental treats for dogs and have compiled six of the best selling and highly rated dog treats.


     National Pet Dental Health Month is here!

Teeth and Gum Health
       February is National Pet Dental Health Month but every month should be treated just as important. Having clean teeth and gums can extend a dog's life.   It's easy as flipping the dog's lip, checking their teeth, and giving a treat or brushing their teeth!

 Proper dental hygiene is easier to achieve than most think.  It can come in the form of dental treats, dental chews, best dental chews, or dental chew toys. 

      Below are the top 6 best-selling dog dental treats at the leading online pet store called  They have been rated and reviewed by customers and I also have heard my fair share of stories on some of the products.  You can find the full inventory of dog dental treats and toys that are available at here.

1. Bones & Chews All-Natural Dental Chew Sticks, 32 count- This product is highly rated and is designed for dogs with sensitivities.  This is nearly a five-star product and is tried and tested by many dog owners. 
Bones & Chews Dental Treats are designed to scrub off tarter and are made with digestible ingredients. 

2. Greenies Regular Dental Dog Treats, 36 count- Greenies have been a tried and true product.  I have heard countless stories of success with Greenies.  However, there have been a couple of stories of digestive problems associated with greenies as well. Most have been because too many were given. Use them as directed.

Greenies dental chews are recommended by veterinarians

4.OraVet Dental HygieneChews for Dogs, 10 - 24 lbs, 30 count-
These dental chews work to loosen and dislodge plaque.
This dental chew has an active ingredient called delmopinol, which forms a barrier that blocks bacteria and the formation of plaque and calculus.

This is recommended by vets and highly dissolvable for easy digestion with a great taste that dogs will love.

6. Get NakedPuppy Health Grain-Free Dental Chew Sticks Dog-  
This is a product designed for puppies.  This will help your puppy develop good chewing habits all while providing a delicious snack that cleans their teeth. 

Ben the Dental Chew Loving Dog
February is National Pet Dental Health Month but every month should be treated equally.  Proper dental hygiene will extend your dog's life and ultimately leave you both happier and healthier.  

I have brushed my share of doggy teeth and know from experience that it is beneficial to their health.  A simple toothbrush and toothpaste designed for dogs can also help with proper dental hygiene.  You can find these items here. 
Vetoquinol Vet Solutions Enzadent Enzymatic Poultry-Flavored Toothbrush Kit for Dogs & Cats

5 Consequences of Rotten Dog Teeth

It's a fact-most dog owners never take a good look inside their dog's mouth. And that's unfortunate, because it's estimated that over 80% of dogs have significant dental health issues. Far too often, veterinarians discover during the physical exam that their canine patient has serious dental disease.
Who wouldn't give for just a few more short moments with their dog?  

Dental treats are just one way that you can play a part in your dog's dental hygiene. 
You play a role in extending your pets life

If you have any questions, let me know!
What have you done to ensure your dog's teeth are in tip-top shape?