What do meerkats love to eat?

What do MeerKats Eat?

        Meerkats live in a barren type of habitat and rely on eating insects.  Meerkats in the wild are a little more selective than those in captivity.  It took these researchers in this video two years to discover what Meerkats love!
        Could you imagine trying different foods over and over and not hitting the mark? Well, check out this video. Watch them snub everything. Snub...Snub... nope... and then...Oh Yes!

I thought I had a picky eater in my house!

Meerkats are mostly carnivorous which means they eat things like insects, small mammals, etc.  In the wild, they scavenge for anything they can find. Meerkats diet consists of reptiles, insects, centipedes, plants, eggs, Arachnids, and more.

When they are in captivity or owned they are offered meats that include thawed small animals like mice and are also fed human meats like chicken, beef, rabbit, duck, etc.
Do you have a buddy that looks like a Meerkat?

They also really love eggs. They will eat crickets, mealworms, super worms, roaches...um yuck, silkworms, and more.  It is very important to offer more than one type of worm.  Their diets should be diversified.

Alternative foods can be ferret biscuits as a treat and cat food.  Cat food contains all the daily requirements needed.
Nothing like a big plate of mealworms

Since this is not a common household pet and is not widely accepted as a human companion, there is not a commercial meerkat food easily obtainable.

If you are considering owning a meerkat, please take a look at this article-Do meerkats make good pets?

They can be offered vegetables and fruits that are considered safe for dogs.  These veggies are not limited to squash, carrots, sweet potatoes and more. 

Meerkat gang
Meerkats have a different diet in the wild than they do in captivity. The things they find in the wild are typically more expensive and harder to find in captivity.  Meerkats are natural scavengers and rely on insects.  
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  1. I have always liked Meerkats, but like you said they are not the best domestic pet. I am going to buy the meerkat toy you suggested. It’s super cute! Thank you for the article.

    1. They may not be the best domestic pet but boy are they cute, aren't they? I hope your pet loves the meerkat toy!


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