Are ferrets a good pet?

Do Ferrets make good pets?

It takes understanding, care, and commitment when caring for a ferret.

          A ferret is a domesticated form of the European polecat. This is a mammal belonging to the same genus as the weasel in the family Mustelidae. I have heard that they can make an amazing pet but can also be full of beans. 
      They can have behavior issues if not trained or raised properly. They are ever playful, silly, and fun.  I have heard many stories about their loyalty and fun temperaments. Ferrets may not be as easy to take care of as some pets.  I think the best question to ask yourself is "Would I make a good ferret owner?"

 Take a look at this video of Fergus and his personality!  This is a spirited and happy ferret.

       I have learned a lot about animals in my career. Ferrets, in particular, have always been an interest to me.  I have met many people in the animal industry that have loved and owned Ferrets. Ferrets can make great pets but do require a pet parent that has the right skills and understanding.
Cutie Pie baby ferret being hand-fed
       Ferrets can bite and nip when they are young similarly to a mouthy puppy.  I have read that if a juvenile male is not handled as much in a pet shop, they can clamp on to a person the same way that they would do to their buddy that they hang out with.

        A ferret with proper breeding and handling usually will not bite.  However, I have been told that ferret's bites are very painful.  Usually, with proper handling and age, they grow out of this behavior.

Ferrets sleep a lot!

          Ferrets are like cats in that they sleep a lot!  Most ferrets sleep around 14 hours a day and sometimes more.  Even with that being said, their waking hours can be full of mischief and sometimes even thievery!  Ferrets are known to be a little stinky.  Their Latin name means smelly little thief.  They can be de-scented but I have heard they still carry a scent in their skin.

Ferrets need toys that keep up with their quick-witted personalities. 
Marshall Pop-N-Play Ferret Ball Pit Toy, 10.5-inMarshall Bungee Ferret Toy, Duck
They are rambunctious and ever-so intelligent. They sleep a lot but will keep you on your toes when they are awake. They do have a special diet similar to a cat, dog, hamster, etc and have their own ferret food.
Wysong Epigen 90 Digestive Support Dry Ferret Food, 5-lb bag


Another sleepy bean

  What do ferrets look like?

       Ferrets come in a variety of different colors. Their fur is usually a mix of brown, black, white, or mixed.  Some are completely white with red eyes.  

      I prefer a ferret that is lighter in color but not completely white.  I think it is pretty when a ferret has a beige coat with a little tan or brown.  Some ferrets look like Siamese cats.  

 Please take a look at this EBook on ferrets to further learn about this cute and amazing pet.  
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       Ferrets make awesome pets but do require a great deal of entertaining and training!   

Have you owned a ferret?  I would love to hear about your experience.  Are you considering a ferret?  Comment below and share your thoughts!

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  1. Very informative article. I never knew they were so intelligent and slept so much. I like that they are affectionate. I would like one, but before I would get one I would definitely purchase the EBook on ferrets that you suggested. I want to learn as much as I can before taking such a big step.

    1. Thank you. I agree, knowing all you can before you decide will ensure the ferret would have a lifelong home. If you do decide on the EBook, it is 100 % guaranteed for 60 days after purchase.

  2. I think it’s funny their name means “smelly little their. Also that a group of ferrets is called business!

    1. I think it is funny also! There are a lot of ferrets up for adoption in local rescues and shelters. Visit to see a couple cute faces!


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