The benefits of adopting a kitten


          As if you really need to know the reasons to adopt a kitten!  There are many benefits to adopting a kitten. They have adorable eyes, cute tiny paws, and silly antics. They look like little balls of joy that glimmer in the sunlight.  It may seem like kittens have the world wrapped around their tail.  

However, there's a deep, dark, malicious, ominous, and terrible truth that many kittens are homeless and need a comfortable bed to sleep on. They have a lot to lose. They can lose your love.  They need you to adopt them. Let's listen to the sad truth of why kittens need adopting.

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Can I come home with you?
          I think that God made kittens ridiculously cute because he knew how important it is for them to have a comfortable and loving home.  However, even the cutest kitten can find its way to the shelter. It may come as a complete shock but not everyone likes kittens. 

The small girl down the block knows because she isn't allowed a kitten because her parents have so-called "allergies".  Ok... her parents probably do have allergies but research shows that allergies are reduced when owning a pet. 


         The cruel reality is that people do not like it when they turn into big ordinary cats and then leave them behind.  They are cute for a while and then they are let go on the strings that the relationship was attached to.  
Oh, forgotten kitten, how sad it is for you.
 Now that you are big and plump. 
Oh, the sorrow that is felt when you sit wondering what happened to your life.

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Oh, what happened to the days of kittenhood?
       Kittens provide us relief from worries, doubts, drama, negativity, malfunction, and many other worldly issues.             

      There is nothing better than a cat playing with your yarn and enjoying your finely crocheted or knit garment as a hat. Some say cats are aloof and do not need an emotional attachment.  

       That is true in some situations but the majority of cats still crave a lifelong home and string to play with.  When you consider getting a kitten, know that this is a bond that should not be broken hastily.
      Your kitten will love you forever even if they are frisky.  When you consider a kitten, do not rush into the decision but if at all possible spend time with your kitten to ensure your home will be the best fit. 

       A cat is a wonderful pet that should be cherished always.  The main and true benefit is that a kitten turns into a cat that will love you forever. They may not always have the world or life on a string but they sure enjoy playing with one. 

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There is nothing like an ever so stylish crocheted hat

Have you ever had a kitten or a cat?  What is your favorite memory?  Would you consider getting a kitten?  Comment below!



  1. Kittens are so dear and you are so right that many go homeless. We believe in the trap/neuter/return programs that help the kitty population.

    1. Thank you for commenting! I am glad that you help homeless cats. That is so important.


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