The Benefits of Owning a Pet

The Benefits of Owning a Pet

I have worked in the animal industry since 2003 and have seen the positive effects animals can have on people first hand.  Pets give us something to nurture and care for.  A pet becomes part of the family quickly.  
I have also experienced the benefits of owning pets.  Throughout my life, I have had hamsters, cats, dogs, a chinchilla, guinea pigs, etc.  I have also fostered pets. Here are six benefits of owning a pet.

-Six reasons to own a pet-

#1 Pets Reduce Stress
Most everyone has the need for companionship even if they crave a solitary life. We have our family and our friends, but pets offer us a way to communicate without really communicating.  Pets benefit our health by reducing stress.  It is surprising how watching an animal can diminish our everyday concerns. 
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#2 Pets encourage feelings of relaxation
Pets are our friends and provide companionship in times of trouble and need.  Sometimes we need a little quiet time but dont want to be alone.  A pet is willing to sit by you reflect without a lot of talking.  Even though some pets are noisy, there are moments when there is a calm and sweet understanding of the need for silence. 

#3 Pets Encourage Excercise
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Some pets encourage us to get moving whether we want to or not.  Dogs require outdoor visits to the bathroom and walks for exercise. This encourages us to move around and get a little fresh air.   It may be a simple few steps but for some, those steps are very important.   

#4 Pets Understand

Pets don't say harsh words or talk too much when trying to sympathize. Sometimes they will look you right in the eye and seem to say "Are you feeling how I am feeling?" "Would you like to relax with me?" Even a Goldfish can break up the day and give you and I something to enjoy.

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#5 Pets listen and are near
Pets have the ability to reach our hearts. They stay with us when we are sad and they lift us up. They seem to have a way of looking into our eyes and knowing how we feel. I know that my dog knew what was going on in our lives and I am sure you have had a pet that understood things as well.

#6 Pets Prolong Life
People who own pets have lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, fewer allergies, and increased well-being. It used to be common thinking that pets increased allergies but it is now found that continual exposure to pets can actually decrease allergy risks.

Brussels Griffon, Dog, Small Dog
A face a mother could love

             The Benefits of Having a Pet

They keep us moving in the right direction when the wrong direction may seem present. When the journey gets tough, you may be tired and they may move slow but somehow together we just keep going.

Why do you want to own a Pet? Please comment below and share!

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  1. I agree with you, especially how pets know how you are feeling. My little dog was a huge help to me in a terrible time of sorrow. She still needed me and still loved me. She was the reason I got out of bed during that time. It’s amazing the love you and your pet can share.

    1. I completely understand. Pets have a way of reaching us that enables us to see the world in a joyful way. They are a reason to keep dancing.

  2. I can't imagine not living without my kitties. They brighten my day and they prepare me to face the world. When they "goof up" and I forgive them, it helps me be a more forgiving person in life.


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