Benefits of adopting a pet

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            We have the power to change our own lives but we also have the power to change the lives of our pets. Adopting an animal from a shelter can save their life.  Wouldn't it be nice if your pet could stay by your side as your life unfolded? 
      Our attitudes, desires, and actions can affect more than us and can change an animal's life as well. When our life story changes, a pet's life story may also change.  

        Here is a story of a pet that was abandoned by the very person that was supposed to be his lifelong friend. 

       Our story begins with a dog named Riley.  Riley had fuzzy hair on the top of his head and big ears that looked ever so scruffy. His adorable face matched his amazing disposition.  

      He was silly, quick-witted, and spontaneous.  He had a great personality.  That wasn't enough and didn't really seem to matter to Simon.
Adopt, Dogs, Cats, Pet, Animal Adoption

        Simon bought Riley at a pet store without thinking much of his future when he was a puppy. He played with Riley and took him to see his friends and shared a lot of time together. Riley slept on the end of Simon's bed. 
Riley did not understand why he was left alone

        Not more than a year or so after buying Riley, Simon's life began to take shape. However, it didn't involve Riley. He was accepted into an internship and he needed to pack up and move.  

    His parents weren't really pet people and were not willing to take Riley on. Besides, they were barely ever home.  His friends liked Riley but were not willing to keep the dog either.  Simon reluctantly took him to a pet shelter. 
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Riley waited patiently

         Riley had not seen a familiar face in over a month and he was confused but he was being fed and cared for while he sat in his cage. He was waiting for his new life to begin.  The people that we're caring for him were decorating the shelter with bows and ribbons and trees with ornaments. They frequently came in with gloves and jackets. 
      There once was a time when he could curl up by a warm fire and have his belly scratch and his nose rubbed.  He used to sniff all kinds of things in the yard and play with the other dog at the fence.  Life seemed so sweet until that day when it all swiftly ended.  That is the cruel reality of what happens to adoption dogs.  
Adoption, Dog, Pet, Puppy, Animal, Cute
         Things felt strange and not as alive as Riley hoped. He longed for a warm bed and laughter. He looked forward to his supper as he lay on the floor at the shelter. He had a feeling that his life would change soon and for the better!  
       He had hope because of all the tender affection he was receiving from the staff at the shelter. They talked with him and told him he was a good boy.  Even though life had been hard, not all was lost and life can always change.  
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  Sometimes we get a gift of a second chance or in the eyes of a dog, a second cookie.  Life is ever unfolding and now is the chance to make a change and a difference in a pet's life.  

There are adoption agencies all over and likely several around your local area.  Do not go get a new puppy but instead, look for a sweet puppy or dog that you could change their lives.  If you arent up for a commitment you can foster a dog or pet so that they do not need to stay kenneled.         

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Create a New Chapter in the life of an abandoned pet
    All of the characters in this story including Riley are fictional and are created to tell a story that represents the truth about relinquishing a pet and adoption. I hope you enjoyed this story!  
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