7 fun ways to improve your cats life

7 ways to improve your cat's life

Cats spend a lot of time indoors.  You may wonder if they are bored or completely happy.  I think there is a chance that your cat may already be very happy. Especially, if you are here and taking the time to read this article.  

     However, I know you love them so much that you just want to be sure they have the best life. Here are a few ways that you can instantly improve your cat's well-being and quality of life.

1. Some cats love a place to sit, a place to climb, or something to scratch.  There are many different perches, scratch posts, and beds that help a cat feel at home. 

Some perches will go right on a window and can provide endless hours of bird watching. Some perches are built better than others. Choose carefully.  This can provide entertainment and relieve anxious feelings. 

Sometimes you can get a perch scratching post combo.  This option is sturdier and ensures your cat will not fall if the suction cups fail. 
Frisco 72-in Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo, Gray

Take a look at these perch options.  There is a lot to choose from. I think you will have fun looking.

2. Play with your cat and show them affection. My cat used to enjoy the yarn I was crocheting with. It can be as simple as a string.  

There are so many cat toys available.  Some toys are interactive and you can join in on the fun.  Others stand alone and your cat will enjoy it alone. Toys can provide stimulation.  Cats love to chase their prey and some toys provide the natural stimulation they need.  

Cats can go crazy for a good toy. Take a look at these gadgets and gizmos.  I know you will find some good ideas.  Here is an article about awesome cat toys!
Yeowww! Catnip Yellow Banana Cat Toy
Three of the best cat toys!

3.  Cats sometimes just really need a safe place to rest.  They sleep a large portion of their lives and a good bed can improve their sense of well-being.  Beds come in all types of shapes and sizes.  Older beds can carry a lot of dander and newer beds can help keep your kitty clean. Beds should be cleaned regularly and replaced as needed.

Leaves, Herb, Cat Nip, Mint, Plant
Don't forget the CATNIP!
4.  Cats sometimes need a little extra encouragement to get up and play from their long naps.  Organic Catnip can give them the stimulation they need to start playing. 
Yeowww! Organic Catnip, 2-oz tub

5.  Sometimes feeling better can just come from a good snack.  Cats love freeze-dried and a large variety of treats. Treats can make a pet fat and that is not ideal.  Do not overdo treats or you may end up with more cat than you can handle.  
Cat, Dark, Coffee, Lazy, Lying, Wood
                  Take a careful... look at these treat options. 

6. Picking the right cat food for your cat will ensure a long and healthy life.  Check the ingredients and try to avoid foods with by-products. By-products are the parts of animals that are not usually consumed.  This is often put in lower end pet foods.
It was once thought that a cat's diet should never vary and that feeding them different food types was not ideal.  However, it is ideal to gradually switch their food from time to time to develop good gut microbiomes.

Here are some different foods to consider.
Fussie Cat Market Fresh Salmon Recipe Grain-Free Dry Cat Food, 4-lb bagFussie Cat Market Fresh Chicken & Turkey Recipe Grain-Free Dry Cat Food, 10-lb bag

7. Sometimes it just takes a little extra quality time for them to know they are loved.  This can be a few scratches, gentle talking, or a place on your lap.  Cats may seem aloof at times but they crave a deep bond with their owner.  

There are many ways to improve your cat's life.  Healthy treats, comfortable beds, places to rest and play, stimulating toys, and more.  Sometimes all it takes is a little affection.   

What ways do you show your cats that you care?  

Thank you for taking great care of your cat or cats!  Please consider sharing with your friends and family if you found this helpful!

Mieze, Couch, Sofa, Duck, Cat


  1. Thank you for the article! Any advice on convincing my husband that we should get one? Haha

    1. Lol, I have written an article on kittens just for that purpose. If you find out how to convince him, please share!

  2. I like how you said cats can feel better with just a snack. I do too!


    1. Lol, a healthy little pick me up goes a long way!


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