How to deal with anxiety, depression, or destructive behaviors in pets


      Pets can suffer from anxiety in one form or another.  They can have separation anxiety or become depressed and stressed because of loneliness. There are simple ways to deal with pet anxiety.  

     I worked in a pet salon for a number of years and witnessed a lot of different forms of anxiety in pets.  Separation anxiety occurred frequently because they were dropped off by their owners in an unfamiliar environment. 

      Some dogs were easy going about it, some dogs loved it, and others were pretty frightened by the whole ordeal.  Sometimes they would become frightened enough that I would offer an express service which ensured the dog would not wait for me in a kennel at all.  



       Tending to a dog or animal with anxiety can be as simple as giving them reassuring toys, blankets, or comfort items.  Other forms of anxiety can be difficult to deal with.  

Separation anxiety can be a real problem among pets and can create destructive habits.  This article is aimed to provide you with ways you can help your pet when they become anxious.  
Pets can become anxious during a storm or when you leave.  They can become anxious around strangers or when they hear strange noises.

Dogs can vocalize their anxiety


 Ways to combat anxiety in pets and solutions to anxiousness

Comforting items like a blanket or toy may help your pet's anxiety

       Separation anxiety happens when you leave your pet and they become uncertain and become overwhelmed.  They can bark, scratch, and sometimes chew themselves so hard they bleed.  They can rip up cushions, destroy furniture, or wet the floors.  

     If your pet barks excessively while you are away you could get an ultrasonic frequency emitter.  They emit a loud noise that only your pet can hear when they bark.  This deters further barking.  

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      There are some ways to calm a pet during these times.  Sometimes they can be put in a dog crate or put in a kennel and this will allow them to feel more secure.  This can also prevent destructive behaviors. 

Be sure to buy the appropriate kennel size for your pet so they have space to move around. Otherwise, they may become more anxious.

There may be underlying health issues that are causing your pet's anxiety.  Perhaps, a vet could address those issues. 

 There are pheromone products that release a scent into the air.  These are designed to relax your pet and allow them a sense of calm.  They are available in room sprays, collars, and scented oils that are much like glade or air wick and plug in the wall. 

Comfort during a storm

 If the anxiety of your pet is severe there are medications available from your veterinarian that will definitely make a huge impact on your pet's nerves.  Sometimes it just takes a push to develop healthier feelings.  

It may take time for healthier habits to become established and then your pet may be able to be taken off the medicine.  This can create a lot of balance and happiness in a household. 
There are also holistic approaches to calming nerves that can be found online or at pet stores.  They can be given in the dog's water, as a treat, or in pill form.  There are various different products varying in their effectiveness.

Conclusion-There are so many ways available to help a pet achieve a sense of well-being.  These are just a few tips.  If you have questions please let me know in the comments or send an email.

Some of the tools available are- Supplements, thunder shirts, anxiety prescriptions from a vet, calm collars, pheromone plugins, pheromone sprays, extra walks, and crate or kennel training.

I hope this article helps you! Please share on your social media if you think that others could be helped or enjoy this blog! 


  1. Thank you for this article and your tips. I live in Florida where people light off fireworks for any occasion. 4th of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Christmas, New Years, etc. My brother in law that is staying with us has two pug dogs that get so scared. I will share this with him.


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