Is it important to spay or neuter your pet?

       Some people think that neutering or spaying their indoor pet will remove an element of their character and is just an extra expense.  Neutering or spaying a pet is more than just preventing unwanted pet pregnancies.  It can prolong a pet's life and improve the quality of life as well.  

       Females that are unspayed can get an infection in their uterus call pyometra.  Pyometra can occur when a female dog is young but usually occurs in middle age to older females. Pyometra is scary because dogs frequently do not show signs until its almost too late. Spaying prevents this problem and may save a dog's life.  
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Spay your pet and save their life


A friend of mine was grooming a client's dog and noticed that she did not seem herself.  She said her little belly was warm and sensed something was off.  The pet parent was not aware at all that their dog was sick.  

       The dog had late states of Pyometra! My friend notified the dog's parents and the dog was taken into emergency vet care and her life was saved by spaying her.  The vet said she would have died and the uterus was very infected and swollen.

     Spaying and neutering can also prevent behavior issues.  Spaying or neutering a dog as a puppy can prevent some behavior issues like aggression and attention issues. Females also go into heat around once a year and sometimes more.  They do actually bleed and will require a female dog diaper.  Spaying prevents this and is a cleaner situation.  

       Neutering can prevent male dogs from mounting or constant marking of territory.  These are just a few behavior issues that can stem from natural hormones.
  There are so many pets that are euthanized every year because of behavior issues. Preventing unwanted pet pregnancies lessens the chance of homeless pets.  

 The bottom line- spaying or neutering your pet is important and can save lives.  Breeding a pet because they are cute and could have cute babies does not end up with ideal results. Spaying or neutering can prevent behavior problems or health issues.  It can relieve anxiety-driven behaviors as well.  



  1. I so agree with this article. So many animals end up in shelters due to the overpopulation of cats and dogs. Prevention of homeless animals by spaying and neutering is truly a big part of the solution.

  2. I agree! Just the fact alone that they live longer is enough for me!


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