One easy step that will make your dog happy!

Did you know that a dog's quality of life can be impacted unknowingly by improper grooming habits?

Everyone loves their dog.  You probably spend lots of time with your dog and are looking for any way to improve their life! 

You probably already take them on daily walks, play with them, provide a proper diet, and give them plenty of love. 

But did you know that there is actually one very simple step many often miss that can really impact their dog's well-being? 

Having a super happy dog really can be as simple as a proper groom.  
Getting a bath may make your dog leap for joy

Really, leap for joy? Is grooming really that important? I only have a short hair dog.  They don't even need a hair cut... What gives?

Yes!  Grooming is super important. A groomer looks at your entire dog and feels for new bumps, growths, or skin problems.  
💗But I am already adorable, why would I need a groom?💗

There have been countless times I have found things on a dog that the pet parent had no idea about and could have caused health issues.

Grooming ensures that your dog's skin, coat, nails, teeth, ears, and body are in good shape.   

If your dog has something going on that you missed, they may not feel as tip-top shape as they could.

🥰A groomer that has a relationship with your dog can even pick up signs of sickness.  Grooming is not just about being clean 
Even shorter hair dogs like labs, pugs, and beagles can really benefit from a good bath and brush out.  

Everyone wants their dog to be healthy and happy and believe it or not it, a trip to the groomer can really make an impact on a dog's quality of life.  

          -How to get your dog groomed-

Time really is important in our busy world.  Here is how to get your dog groomed

Call a local grooming salon and make an apt.  Tell them what kind of dog you have and they will be able to walk you through the simple process.
Do I have to take my dog to the groomer? 

When you leave, schedule your next appt with the groomer and put it in your calendar. If your dog does not need a hair cut every 4-6 weeks, then schedule a basic bath with a conditioning treatment. 

A professional bath really does make an impact. This will cut back on shedding on short hair and long hair dogs. Baths usually include nails, ears, sanitary and paw trims.   

Organizer, Calendar, Schedule
Make it to that grooming appointment!

Get your dog's teeth brushed at the groomers.  The groomer will check for any dental issues and will often provide you with a toothbrush to take home. This ensures your dog's teeth are in good shape and proper dental hygiene can extend your dog's life
If your dog is growing out faster than expected, take your dog to get a touch-up.  Dont wait. Touch up packages can include things like nails, ear cleaning, eye trimming, paw trimming, and sanitary trimming. 

 Conclusion-  Take the time to love your dog just a little bit more. Take them to get a spa day. 
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Grooming shows your pet how much you care
Grooming can make a huge impact on your dog's health because a dog groomer frequently notices changes in a dog's skin, ears, nails, teeth, and body.  

A well-tended to dog does not have tangles, excessive shedding, body odor, long nails, and ear troubles.  They also have clean teeth and gums if at all possible.  

There are many steps that ensure your dog is the happiest and healthiest dog.  Grooming can catch problems early on before they become actual problems.

May all the joy be with you and yours!

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  1. As much as my little dog didn’t like baths, she was SO happy when she was done!
    She would run and act so happy. The same thing with getting her nails trimmed, she hated it, but when done very happy!

    1. I have seen that too! My Italian greyhound would get so happy that she would zoom around the room with her tail tucked for extra speed.


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