The funniest dog memes with commentary!


Hilarious Dog Memes

              Hankering for some good ole fashion dog memes?  These pictures will have you rolling laughing with the dogs.  Ever see a cute picture of dogs and wonder what they were thinking?  Well, these people have put some pretty funny lingo in with the pics.  I hope you enjoy it!  Please comment and share!

Let's get this party started

1. Some things are just not my concern...

        We often think that our dogs will come to our rescue when there is evident danger.  Some will and well... some won't.  Strange sound in the night? zzzzzzzz  Someone knocking at the door at odd hours?  Dog=looks up...then falls back asleep.  But...Food?  OH YES!!!

2.  Simply Not True...right moms?

         It is said what is done in darkness comes into the light.  Well, this dog has a little light shed on two very different personalities.  Moms are nothing like this... right moms?  

3.  Frosty the snowdog


          Summer is just around the corner.  We would never want to come home to a melted dog.  Be sure to turn your AC on and keep check on your snowdog if you have one. 

4. Tire Dog

          We keep an air pump around for things like pool floaties, tires, balls, and more.  However, please make sure you have one on hand for your dog.  You never know when they might need a fill-up. 

5. Dogs a little too human-like

       Sometimes dogs will do things and they look like they have human traits. Most of the time we can brush it off and find that a lot in nature. However, this dog looks a little more "human" than most.

6.  That day your dog really ate your homework.

      Sure he did... It had to originate somewhere right?  Otherwise, where did the saying come from?  I totally believe it's legit.  In fact, it happened to me.  

7.  That one friend that like...📢📢📢📢😭😭😭😭

      We all have that one friend that literally just gets into it. You turn on your favorite song and they are just like.... 📢📢📢📢💃💃💃💃💃💃

8. Fantail


You dont need to worry about getting too warm this summer.  This dog's mini peacock tail will fan you and keep you cool.  

His tail is going a mile a minute.  It would be nice if we could plug into that energy!


9. Thrown in without training

      Sometimes there is a time to stop "faking it until you make it".  You may find that you are in up to your head.  This dog faked his resume and ended up feeling a little sheepish. 

10. Know when to turn it off...

       We all have done it... Starring at our phone with one eye open and half asleep trying to complete one last round of kittenmatch.  One eye is dry and you are partially snoring.  

11. Time to get in shape...the shape is round

        We all have our idea of what fitness looks like. Some walk, some run, some just have fun.  Others say look I can fit -n -eeess pants just fine.   

12.  Create what you want!

       As a pet stylist, I have heard some unusual requests.  However, I have never heard anyone say "can you make my dog look like a raccoon?"  I bet that was an interesting day!

This was a very creative approach to getting what you want.  Hey, it's a pretty realistic look!  

13. How are you doing today in Dog Scale?

           Which one are you today?  Are you comfy cozy #1 watching a little tv?  #4- just an angel?  Or maybe # 3 because you woke up on the wrong side of the couch?

14. Peter pan cat...

       This cat's shadow is really his friend and his friend is really shy.  He doesn't like to be recognized or petted.  He's just a touch bigger too so he makes for the perfect shadow guard. 

15.  Harry Potter and the invisibility cloak.

     It may be both unusual and cool to have a blanket look just like me.  My family may not know if it was the blanket or me laying there.  People would think I slept an awful lot!   This dog can hide in a blanket and no one would know he was there.  

I hope you like this set of dog memes!  Let me know if you liked it by commenting below. 



  1. This article was great and the pictures so funny! Thank you!

  2. I'm at the end and still laughing:) Way too fun. Thanks for sharing!!! Do you think that is a Great Pyrenees puppy in the first picture?


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