The silliest and cutest cat pictures with descriptions


Silly Cat Pictures are Great

        Hankering for some adorable cat pictures and cat memes? Cats are adorable...most of the time!  Sometimes they are cute, cuddly, and charming.  Other times they are rambunctious, mischievous, and literally off the wall.  

They can be a ray of sunshine and a beacon in the night when it comes to cuteness.  I have compiled a few adorable cat pictures to brighten your day!


1. - The Foldable Cat-

           You may be wanting to get a cat yourself and are worried about space. Worry no more. Introducing the foldable kitty. The foldable kitty is an easy solution for your storage woes. You do not need to have extra space to accommodate your new cat. Just fold and tuck away. Easy breezy....fold my kneezies.

#2 -Does my breath stink?-

           Although you may not be spending as much time around people, it is important to remember everyday hygiene.  Just because we are with our family doesn't mean we should forget basic hygiene like a clean mouth and fresh breath.

          Why not ask a friend or your family member to ensure you are smelling fresh?  You could do this, just brush your teeth, or even ask for a mint for your relationships sake.  

Oh, Jeeeeeze!
 #3 -Seek a doctor-
            It is important to know when to seek a vet for your cat.  Just like humans, it is okay to seek help if needed.  If you notice this expression on your face, your cat's face, or anyone you are close to... It may be time to get help.   Cats do not have the ability to communicate their problems as easily.  It may be time for medication.

#4- Lake Monster-

          Have you ever been swimming in the lake and something touched your foot?  The blood cools...panic sets it...and irrational fear takes over.  The giant lake monster has come to eat you. 

 This is what it looks like when that occurs.  

#5- Murder button activated-

          I would normally say the below picture is too far-fetched to be true.  However, you and I both can agree that cats can sometimes be extremely unpredictable.  

As a cat groomer, I have seen cats purr and be very affectionate one minute and the next minute be biting.  Just be careful not to activate the murder button! 

6. Shhh I am praying...



7. Practice makes puuurfect

         Practice makes perfect when speaking another language.  Keep trying.  You may experience a few confused expressions but dont let the cat get your tongue. 

8. Say hellooo to my preeeiiittty freeeind.--

       It looks like this cat has put a whole new meaning into "arm day".  Have you ever seen a cat with guns like these?  Looks like Arnold Schwarz e kitty. 
        Wheres the gym... Kitty says " meow meow it's that way ←←←"  Lookout muscles...

9. Tik Tok Cat😻😻😻⏰⏰⏰

        left right upper cut... right savage right...left down...side... Puuuurfect!

10. Cat ran away and now I have two!
            Little does this guy know that the cats have been doing this all along.  One would sneak out and the other came in.  They just got off track on their scheduling.  

It's that or there have always been two little cats around and the guy just has double vision... but wait wouldn't that mean there are four now?

11. Safety first...kitty.

         This cat has put new meaning into the zoomies.  I have seen cats hit the walls, the fan, and zoom around the house.  

However... this cat looks like it needs a visit to the vet for suggestions.  Perhaps, a priest is in line. 

13. It happened before...

          Unfortunately, it doesn't look like this guy has learned from his mistakes.  Someone needs to remove the cords from the house and help his chewing habit.  I am not even sure if that's a kitty.  

14. Frosty the snowkitty...

          Please shield your children's eyes.  We all know the story of frosty the snowman but not many of us have heard of frosty the snowkitty.  

          Frosty the snowkitty was a jolly happy soul.  With a soft big tail and a white nose and two eyes that love you soooo! We are sad to see you go.  

Thanks for reading and if you like this let me know!  I will be sure to then update you for your future reading.  

About me- I am an animal advocate and have had a passion for pets my whole life.  

I am a Professional Pet Stylist and candle maker!  


  1. These are wonderful and I love the commentary!! The foldable kitty picture is just too much. Thanks so much for sharing. And by the way, your candles are stunning!

  2. This was a great article!!! Great pictures and great narration! I too love the foldable kitty!
    Thanks once again for the great article.


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