Auto pet feeder by WOPET for easy meal scheduling


       We had the opportunity to review and test the WOpet Boost Automatic Cat & Dog Feeder 4-Meal, 7L.   It is designed to take a little worry out of vacationing with an auto feeding pet feeder.  The WOPET pet feeder offers Flexible Meal Scheduling.  

       You can program up to 4 meals to feed on your pet's schedule.  

You may have a pet sitter but this can take the guess work out of meal times and also ensure your kitty gets fed if your sitter is late on arrival.  

The feeder has a large capacity and will consistently provide food for your cat and dog smoothly for a couple of days.  It also records customizable messages.  

Your sweety will be excited to hear your voice when you are away and come running to their meals. 

It is designed not to miss a feeding.  It is both wall powered and battery powered in case of a power outage it will continue to function.  

Here are some initial impressions we have gathered 

The assembling of the feeder and putting in the batteries was very simple.  The feeder is well built and went together without a problem.

However,  setting up the feeder was difficult for her.  The difficulty was in the display of the numbers for the time, meal number, and portion size.  

The led light and harder to read.  She said that she was at eye level in order to see if there were numbers down.  

It was also difficult for her to hold the buttons down for the correct length of time to program it the way she wanted to. She needed to start over numerous times when I held the buttons for the correct time.

 It is a 24-hour clock for the feeding times which she said is fine, but she said she wished the booklet would have stated that.  She had some trouble programming two feedings but once set up, it has worked without issue. 

The voice recording was easy to do and worked well.  See below kitty enjoying meal time!

Once it was set up, the machine performing very well and did just what I programmed in, and the kitties accepted and used it right away.  

The main issue that you may want to consider before purchasing is that the display light may be a bit light and setting up times may take a bit of repetition.   It is set on a 24-hour.  So far, it has been reliable and is worth your consideration. ⭐⭐⭐⭐

 For purchase please follow this link to their direct website-WOpet Boost Automatic Cat & Dog Feeder 4-Meal, 7L


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