Basic tools needed for candle making

 Candle Making Basic Equipment

Basic Candle making equipment Needed

You may be tempted to use equipment that you have in your kitchen to make candles.  That may be true for some items but I heavily encourage you to get a wax warming paraffin pot.  

The issue with using kitchen items is that they could become cross-contamination with your foods. The other is fire.  

Candles wax can catch fire and cause serious injury and damage if melted improperly over a flame.  

This can occur even when double boiling methods are used. 

The items below will vary based on your candle-making desires. You can also buy a beginner’s candle-making kit to make things easier.  

There are countless kits available on Amazon.  Read detailed reviews.  

Kits that are worth consider contain wicks, a large supply of wax, fragrance oils, candle containers, wick holders, wick stickers, a thermometer, a melting pot, warning labels, molds, and more. 

They will also have instruction which will make the process extremely easy.

Melting Basin – You will need a source of heat to melt the wax.  I like pots that do not exceed 180 degrees. A stove can cause fires and you will also likely find wax will get in the area you make candles.  You will not want wax on your stove if you do this often.  

Melting Pot – A melting pot is what I pour my melted wax into after it has melted in the basin.  

Containers – Tins, molds, jars, or whatever item that is fire-safe or heat-safe to put your wax into. 

Spatulas– I love my Spatula! I also use metal mixers that I have gotten in kits to mix in mica powder.

Thermometer – My melting basin has a direct thermometer on the pot.  However, there are ideal pour temps for molds so that they form properly.   Fragrance oils and additives work better when they are added at a specific temperature.

Wax- Wax! Soy, Palm, Paraffin, or bees

Wick Stickers- Hold the wick in the tin or container.  This prevents slipping when the candle is low and the flame becoming too close to the sides.

Wick Holders – These are used to hold the wick in place, so it does not fall into the wax while it hardens. You can use anything around your house that you fasten the wick onto before the pouring stage. 

Wick-  This can be on a spool or pre-waxed on a wick tab.  

Warning stickers- Warning labels are important if you intend to give the items as gifts 

Handheld heat gun or mini torch- This helps melt wax or level a candle after it has cooled. 

If you have further questions let me know!