Hi, I am Esma Keys and this blog is about animals and pets

Animals free us up from different pains.  They create joy and provide us laughter, love, and support.  Animals help us to live deeper and fulfilling lives. This blog is designed to show just that!

This blog is meant to be a place where we can come together and share the love of God's animal creations.  I aim to help animals around the world by sharing my knowledge.  I hope you can leave your experiences in the comments to further share the joy and knowledge you have found with your pets.   

The aim of this blog is to bond over animals and gain further understanding.

About me- I focus on God first and strive for joy.  I love my family and enjoy cooking, writing, exercise, adventure, and rest! I am an animal advocate and a Professional Pet Stylist.  I hope that my passion for pets is contagious.

I have been in the animal industry since 2003. I have loved animals my whole life.  I write, create, and publish entertaining (multi) media content on various aspects of animal life in this blog.

I love expressing my love of animals.  

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