Unique names for a kitten or cat

Are you looking for a fun and unique cat name that not every single cat on the block has?  This article is designed to help you find a name for your ball of fluff. Some names are cute, some ridiculous, and a few are pretty normal just to balance it out.  

Here is a growing list of cat or kitten names that will get the ball of yarn rolling.   

Cool Cat or Kitten Names
-Methane-a cat full of gas

-Cutey-self explanatory

-Lux- short for the soft luxurious haired cat who I adore



-The cuteness



-Captain Spicy

-Manitou-supernatural force


-Tiktok or Tick Tock



-Love dove


-Crazy eights

-Caffeine- full of energy



-Yesterdays News

-Ted Ted

-Cat-self explanatory







-Furball-fluffy cat

Jumpy- rambunctious kitty

-Tabby- an orange tabby cat

-Petme-  Pronounced - pet me  *this is a needy cat.


Cat in the hat

Lady bird-eater

Do you have a cute cat or kitten name that you want to be added to the list?
I hope you are enjoying your day