What is an anal gland why should you care?

You are here to learn about dog butts

Most people let alone dog owners could care less about what an anal gland is. Yes, I said anal gland. Yuck right?

So before you think we are off the track, we are talking about a part of your pet's anatomy.  In this case, dogs.

It's easy to understand why most people wouldn't really want to know about this topic. However, regardless of how yucky it sounds.  The anal gland of a dog can cause some serious troubles and learning a little about them is important.

Anal glands are also called anal sacs, scent glands, or as I simply say "glands".  I worked in a pet salon for many years. I started saying glands in order not to hear or say the "correct" terminology.

They are located near the anus and are shaped like peas. Many mammals such as cats and dogs have anal glands. 

Dogs will empty their glands when they mark. Wolves do this in the wild to mark their territory as well.  
Wolves mark their territory in the wild

The glands often need to be expressed for health reasons or other troubles. You may notice a foul or really peculiar scent from time to time.  This is because they can leak... yep sorry... leak when they are full.

Why do the glands have to cause so much grief?

The glands can cause problems in small dogs.  Most often they are expressed when a dog uses the bathroom because the muscles will cause the glands to express. 

However, small dogs somehow do not have the right muscle power or size of the stool to express the glands. 

When should you worry about your dog's rear?  

Gland issues are not great to deal with.  It begins often with scooting or they nip at their rear end.  

If you are noticing them rubbing their rear on the carpet and looking silly, it is likely the glands are full. Sometimes dogs do this after a trip to the groomer but this will not continue like a gland issue will.  

The glands can become impacted and can also burst.  A vet can express the glands for you.  Some suggest that the vets or groomer teach you... I am just gonna start off saying no.  It may sound like a good idea but I have seen customers being shown and they regretted that choice.  They said "oh there's way am I going to do that"  Some go ahead and brave it. 

As a dog groomer, I can tell you that it can be messy.  If you have the stomach for it, go ahead and learn. I'm telling you, be prepared for yuck. 
Dog Toosh

Do not overexpress your dog's glands or try to express them when there aren't any problems.  

Some dogs need their glands expressed frequently.  You can ask your groomer to do this or... learn yourself... 

Please make sure you solve the problem and do not ignore it.  Even in these times...  A dog's glands may seem ridiculously simple but an infection is not. 

I am not even going to talk about what its like doing it by yourself.  It's gross.  Serious.  If you really really need to know- Here is a video

You're welcome... I think.      
If your dog has chronic issues, you can switch to a high fiber food or have them removed. 

Contact a vet immediately if you notice redness, swollen glands, or blood. 
Here are some products that can help with gland issues.
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