How to help your pet relax during fireworks or a storm

How to help your pet during fireworks or a storm

     Fireworks are exciting but can cause fear and anxiety in pets.   Thunderstorms can be frightening as well. The loud booms and cracks can have pets hiding under furniture shivering and cowering.  I have a few suggestions that may ease your pet during this loud and potentially stressful time. 

When the fireworks or thunder are at the loudest, be sure your dog is in a spot that they feel safe.  This could be a crate, bed, or room that they love.  

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Give them a special toy, blanket, and treat that will provide them emotional support during this time of stress.   It is important that they have a way of distracting themselves during this time. 

You could give them a treat or supplement that will naturally calm and relax their nerve.  The below products are natural and have helped numerous people with their stressed pets. 
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There are other holistic approaches to calming nerves that can be found online or at pet stores.  They can be given in the dog's water, as a treat, or in pill form.  There are various different products varying in their effectiveness.
Comfort during a storm

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A thunder shirt can reduce anxiety during fireworks and a storm

Thunder shirts are like a gentle hug to your pet.  If gives them a sense of security.   The tight feeling gives them confidence. 

Calm collars can give a pet a sense of well-being and are a great choice for such an occasion.  Try to have it on hand before fireworks occur or a storm occurs.  

A diffuser works similarly to a calm collar but disperses a calming aroma into the entire room. This will provide additional comfort to your struggling pet.  They will give them the ability to cope during stressful situations.  

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Storms and fireworks do not have to make life unbearable for your pet.  With a little advanced planning, you can better equip your pet for stressful times.  

Some of the tools available are- Supplements, thunder shirts, anxiety prescriptions from a vet, calm collars, pheromone plugins, pheromone sprays, extra walks, treats, and more. Thundereas products have higher reviews.

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I hope this article helps you! 

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