Monkey pictures, videos, and facts-fun with monkeys

There are over 260 species of monkeys

        Monkeys are interesting to look at because of how similar they are to humans.  There are a lot of different types of monkeys as well.  They are an amazing animal to study and the joy of watching them is endless.  
        Here are fun facts about monkeys, a music video of monkeys playing, and some really awesome monkey pictures.  Hope you take some time to hang around for a bit.  Dont forget to comment and subscribe!

For the love of Monkeys
  • A group of monkeys is called a  troop, barrel, cartload, or tribe.
  • Many monkeys are tree-dwelling (arboreal)
  • Monkeys have flexible and limber shoulders and hips

Enjoying a ride

  • The monkey is the 9th Chinese zodiac sign.
  • Monkeys have the ability to express their emotions

Is that really me?

  • The monkeys with the longest noses are called a proboscis. They are only found on the south of the continent of Australia and the island of Borneo.
  • Most monkeys can survive in the wild for over 30-50 years.
  • Monkeys can be loving, affectionate, angry, and fearful just like humans
Let me get that for you

  • Scientists identified a type of chimpanzee in West Africa as the source of HIV infection in humans. 
  • Most primates have hands and feet with ten fingers and ten toes. 
  • Humans share many of the traits of primates
  • There are more than 260 species of Monkeys found in the world.
  • Monkeys are classified as either an Old World or New World Monkeys
  • Some species of monkeys have learned how to swim
making a friend

What do you love about monkeys?
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