The District 70 Can Cardboard Cat Scratcher- Cats adore!

District 70 Can Cardboard Cat Scratcher Toy, Beige

The District 70 Can Cardboard Cat Scratcher 

       Are you looking for something that will provide hours of entertainment for your incredibly fierce feline? Let your cat strike a pose with a certain cat-itude!  This amazing cat scratcher is made in the shape of an empty food can!  This incredibly unique scratcher serves as a purr-fect hideaway.  You cat can relax and take a load off in a tin can.  
     The texture of corrugated cardboard gives your cat a meow-velous place to satisfy her natural scratching instinct.  They can satisfy their scratching needs here instead of on your furniture.  For a day of scratch, relax and play, it’s in the can!
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5 out of 5 stars

Versatile scratcher provides your cat with a place to play.
Made of eco-friendly recycled corrugated cardboard.
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Contains no harmful glue or odors.
Fun versatile can design is great for playing and lounging.
Perfect for cats of all sizes.
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No toy is indestructible. 
Supervise your pet when using since small parts can present a choking hazard or internal blockage. Discontinue use if the toy is damaged. 
Keep out of reach of children.

Pretty cool right?  I thought this scratcher was a little too amazing not to share!  What do you think of the scratcher?  Let me know in the comments below!


  1. This is SO unique and is a great alternative to the cat scratching tower! Thank you for sharing.

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