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8.00 USD Speed Up Processing Time and Avoid Waiting for Shipment! See Below Real seashell tealight candles ~ Perfect gift for a lover of the sea, ocean, and water-decorative and beautiful spa gift-conch --$35 and above Free Shipping-- All items aside from shell candles are for props (decorative holder not included) Seashell tealights are decorative and beautiful to look at- Everyone enjoys the company of a beautiful candle I have found that it is best to position them in the sand, tea light container, or among other shells in a level position. This allows the wax to stay inside the shell when melted and not drip out. A trick I learned is to keep them in the refrigerator until use! This is a romantic and beautiful spa treat All candle items are gift wrapped If you are interested in more shells please message me for bulk discount options. All items aside from shell candles are for props. When you have empty shells, consider placing my realistic seashell candles inside your shells! Realistic seashell candles 3D Candle Creations is a handmade company and designs and concepts are curated by hand. By purchasing candles from this shop you agree to