5 activities that will entertain your dog indoors

5 Ways to entertain your dog 

So you are stuck inside and you have already walked your dog today... let's just say a lot.  You are thinking that there has to be more to do other than just sitting around the house watching tv.  There are always hundreds of toy options that you can pay for but you are hoping for some instant entertainment, right? 

1.  Bubbles are not just for kids!  Dogs love to try to catch bubbles and will run and jump for them.  This is a great indoor or back porch activity.  
Use natural non-toxic soap. They are biting at it. 

You can make your own bubble wand with any type of small rod, chopstick, etc and a pipe cleaner.
5 cups of water
2 cups non-toxic dish soap- Is my dish soap toxic?
3/4 cup corn syrup
container for mixing/storing*
small plastic containers for individual bubbles (you can even use plastic cups – just make sure your kids don’t drink it)
Dogs love bubbles!

2. Give your dog a bath or let them play in a bit of bathwater with toys-  Never leave them unattended just like children.  

A bath can be a great way to pass some time.  Plus, they get a nice massage and smell fresh and clean.  

You can put a few toys in a bit of water or place a few treats underwater and watch your dogs try to go for the underwater treasures.  

A bath is relaxing and can help pass some time

3. Play a game of find the treats!
Dogs love a good treasure hunt.  Hide their favorite great smelling treats in very easy locations.  They do not have to be "hidden" and can be rather obvious.  

This little game is very rewarding and can pass a surprising amount of time!  Your dog will feel like they hit the lottery!  

Just watch them get so excited!

Find the Treat!

4.  Exercise indoors-
Do you have steps in your house?  This works best if you have treads on your steps or carpeted steps to prevent slipping.  Try throwing a ball up the steps for them to retrieve.  

This also would work with a treat.  This will quickly tire out your best buddy.  
It is amazing what a little exercise can do! You both will be feeling happy!
The stairs can wear your pup out!

5.  Treadmill-  This one is similar to the last but does require a little training.  If you have a treadmill, put it to use!  Dogs will actually use a treadmill and can enjoy it. 

A lot of anxiousness and unhappy feelings are a result of unused energy that is pent up.  

If you can find ways to expel this energy it can turn into feelings of well-being. 

In Conclusion
Being stuck inside is not like enjoying a walk in the park but at least you are still together.  There are ways that you can burn off a little steam with your pet.  Hopefully, you have found some of these options fun and rewarding.  

Did you run your dog on the treadmill, have a step-athon, play in the water, blow bubbles, or play find the treat? 

 Please comment below and tell me how you are having fun with your pet!


  1. That’s a great post. Dogs do need exercise and to have fun just like us. I wish someone would take me for a walk and play some games with me haha! Happy Easter to you and yours! Keep up the good work!

    1. Ha Ha! It is nice to get out and enjoy some sunshine. Happy Easter to you and take care. Thank you, I am glad to share the articles.


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