Did you know that owls have long legs?

Owls have ridiculously long legs

Underneath all of the gorgeous plumage on an owl is extraordinarily long legs.  Owls having long legs make sense but the image may be both disturbing and fascinating. It might be something you already know.  

I am going to share with you some images.  You may need to find a comfortable chair or at least be prepared to sit. Owls just aren't the same without their feather covering.  

You may have known it somehow in the back of your mind.  Now I am presenting to you the real truth about owls.  Please brace yourself for the last image.  I apologize ahead of time but aliens really may exist...they go by the name owl.  

Guuuurllll...owls have legs that go for miles!

This owl has a sort of proud look on his face and is turning his leg slightly outward almost as if he is showing off his thigh.

It is really hard to know whether or not an owl is pleased with himself but it is easy to tell in this image.  

This just doesn't seem right...

Dancing owl

This owl looks like he could be a dancer.  There is something abnormal about owls having legs like humans.  Some people may want to giggle and some people may find it really disturbing.  

How do you feel about it?

Owls need long legs to reach in and grasp their prey. It makes sense that they have muscular legs to hold the weight of their prey as well.

Owl showing off a summer tan on its long and gorgeous legs

This is a very regal looking owl that is showing off his summer tan.  It is apparent that its legs are very muscular even with the feather covering.

I suspected that without feathers owls look like tiny mean little humans.  I was partially correct...  

They actually look like tiny little aliens.  Take a look at these photos.  Remember there is no turning back from what you will see...

Owls are actually aliens-Featherless Owl

It appears that aliens do exist and these two photos show the real truth.  Aliens are posing as owls and are going to dominate our planet. 

Owls caught off guard looking more alien than ever

These are actually baby barn owls...  They do not have feathers while they are developing.  We all need to know the truth about owls just in case... 

You have been warned and likely disturbed.

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  1. Wow! I’m not quite sure how I feel about Owls now! Yikes! It is so surprising! I never knew. It was a very funny article too!

    1. I find that if you think of them in a dress, it may make you feel better.


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