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Hilarious Cat Pictures

Cats delight us with affection, purrs, and silly behaviors.  They can be demanding but they also reward us with their companionship.  They are mischievous, loving, grateful, and full of spirit.  It is fun to see their funny antics.  

Cats can get themselves into a variety of predicaments.  They seem to know exactly how to pose for the camera. Here are some adorable and funny pictures of cats that I think will lift your mood.  More pictures like this can be found here at Pinterest.


This cat already had a huge body.  As if its head really needed to look smaller. This clever owner made his plump kitty look pretty silly.  Daylight come and me want go home...


Today really does have enough worry for itself...  It started off so well.  A cup of coffee...I had a little spring in my step... Then, wamm.  I was hangered... Totally caught off guard.


Oh, come on you guys...really?  I just wanted a piece of chicken. I was not aiming to look like the whole bucket. This was a set up for sure. 

I have a feeling that the owner started this mischief but the cat managed to finish without much help.  He probably got to sniffing around and found himself stuck in the hole cut out just for him.


I see nothing unusual about this situation.  Just a normal everyday cat relaxing on top of a normal everyday watermelon and starring crossed eyed into the camera.  

I do find the large number of huge knives that are magnetized to their back walls unusual.  The cat though... completely normal. LOL


Cats will go to all lengths to get away when they are frightened.  This cat was at the vet and found this trash hole to be the perfect escape or at least so he thought.  
He did not make it completely through the hole.  I wonder if he is sitting on top of the trash can without much room left to flee.  Silly bean.


This one took me a second!  This cat has a full belly!


This is a time when drawing your cat disproportionately is spot on. 


What started off as a simple bath ended up being a little less relaxing. The cat panics and calls the dog.  The dog panics and gets in to help.  Next time remember to shut the door. 


Cats make us smile and remind us of joy.  They keep us laughing and reflecting on what is good.  They have soft fur, funny faces, and loving attitudes.  Stay tuned for more funny cat pictures to come.

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These pictures are gathered from Pinterest.  


  1. Cute pictures! My favorite is the Kentucky Fried Chicken one! We all need a smile right now. Thank you!

    1. I think my favorite is the cat yelling for the dog for help!


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