Can hamsters have timothy hay and do they even like it?

To give or not to give a hamster timothy hay

          Did you know that timothy hay is a great source of minerals and fiber? Timothy hay is a safe and healthy supplement that can be offered to a hamster two or three times a week. Hamsters often disregard it but that does not mean it should be omitted. It is a beneficial ingredient to your hamster's overall balanced diet and should be offered. Some hamsters will even make nests in the timothy hay. 

       Timothy Hay can be added to your hamster's bedding.  It is not recommended to use cedar bedding for small animals such as hammys because of health concerns associated with it. Timothy hay offers a safe alternative to those harmful bedding options and can be purchased easily at most pet and grocery stores.

Kaytee Timothy Hay Plus Mint Small Animal Food, 24-oz bag
      Since timothy hay is long and fibrous, it can be weaved!  Hamsters and others small animals find rest in the natural environment and love the smell and overall feel.  Your hamster can chew on this hut safely and will feel safe and sound in a cozy hut built out of natural materials.  Another way to implement timothy hay into your hamster's environment is by giving them stimulating timothy hay toys.  This will encourage play, entertain your hamster, and also give them something to chew on!
Oxbow Timothy Club Bungalow Small Animal Hideout, LargeOxbow Timothy Club Hay Square Small Pet Chew Toy
Timothy hay fortunately readily available. You can find all sorts of fun ways to add this important but often overlooked item for your hamster.  Its not quite like toilet paper in terms of how important it is to your hamster's diet.  However, it is something nice but not essential to have on hand.  

Timothy hay is a little "extra" that you can throw in for your wonderful hamster.  What other things do you do for your hamsters that you go above and beyond?  

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  1. The hamster pictures are adorable. Brings back good memories of when our children were growing up and went through a delightful "hamster phase":)

  2. I had never even heard of Timothy hay. Thanks again for another informative article!


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