L-Lysine supplementation for cat respiratory symptoms-the sneezes


L-Lysine for cats that constantly sneeze

        Cats can sometimes experience respiratory issues that seem to just stick around.  Even after the cat has seen a vet, symptoms can linger.  This can show up in drainage in their eyes and nose.  

L-Lysine is used to treat upper respiratory problems and feline herpes. It can improve their upper respiratory infection symptoms or lingering symptoms.  It can also help with inflammation of the eyes, eye discharge, and nasal discharge.  

        I am not a veterinary professional and please contact your vet with all supplementation.  I have worked alongside pet experts (Veterinarians and other pet experts) and L-Lysine was frequently recommended for stubborn kitty respiratory issues. 

There are many articles and clinical studies that debate on whether L Lysine is appropriate for FIV.  However, there are many times with it has cleared chronic infections or symptoms both unrelated and related to FIV.  Take a look at the real-life examples of how effective it is with the products below. 

      If you have struggled with discharge, respiratory issues, and more and your vet has done all they can do, suggest L-Lysine and see if they deem that appropriate. 

Health concerns that L Lysine may address

Feline herpes symptoms

Upper respiratory infections (URI) symptoms

Conjunctivitis (eye discharge, swollen, irritated, red, itchy, dry, cloudy)



Sinus congestion or discharge

and more.

Recommended Cat Lysine Products

Be sure to check with your vet when getting and giving new supplements for your cat.  These over the counter supplements are available without a prescription and have helped hundreds of cat owners help their cats. 

These two are my personal choices based on pet-parent success.  I hope this helps with the yucky cat sneezes and discharge that you may be experiencing with your cat.