Expedited Production Time-Speed Up Production Time-Bump Up Processing Time-Process Order Faster- by 3DCandleCreations

5.00 USD Quantity 1 Per Item! Add "Expedited Production time" to your cart if you would like your order prioritized. This will speed up processing and your order will be shipped sooner than the expected ship date. This will not speed up your actual shipping. This will only speed up your processing time. Due to the increased demand for fast shipping, I have added a way to prioritize your order. All orders are important to me. However, I do understand that sometimes an order needs an extra push to get to the finish line. Add this to your cart to get your order completed faster and avoid the wait. ~Please note that purchasing this listing DOES not speed up the shipping time. If you'd like to upgrade your shipping, you can do so at checkout or inquire with me.~ If you purchase this listing and for some reason, I am not able to rush your item, I will refund the rush fee.